Tassie Tiger

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Thylacine Rediscovery Videos

My April 2009 expedition has resulted in an edited 8 minute 50 seconds video footage of a Tasmanian Tiger which we are currently negotiating for television news release. Below is a small snippet of the images obtained. In the near future we hope to obtain more conclusive video evidence of the thylacines continued existence. Many thanks to my sponsors of the camera equipment "Lemac" in Richmond Victoria for making this possible.

Below is a second section of film that I have released of an unidentified animal from my video research collection.

This is the Thylacine Movie that I produced through the Thylacine evidence obtained on my cameras following my 5 week Expedition to Tasmania in October 2012. I hope that you enjoy it!


Below is a movie of all of the Carnivours and Wildlife that were around in my research areas of  Tasmania during my 5 week Expedition in October 2012. They are all very fit and healthy and at the top of the Apex in terms of predation. Enjoy!

During 2011 National Geographic featured my Thylacine Research in the following Program


 Below is a historical film production of the thylacine featuring a young Eric Guiler

Historical Thylacine Film


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