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Sightings 2003-6

 Further Footprint Evidence 2003
During my expedition Mon January 13th - Sun January 19th 2003 I collected the following plaster cast samples from the Mud Flats.
Thylacine paw plaster casts
I could have obtained up to 20 of these prints, but only chose to make enough plaster for two. After securing the casts I compared the prints to those displayed in Eric Guiler's book p52. "Tasmanian Tiger - a lesson to be learnt" 1998. You make your own judgement as to what animal made the prints above!
Thylacine Foot Prints Dog Footprint Tasmanian Devil Footprint
Thylacine Dog Tasmanian Devil

Tuesday 14th January 2003
Having checked the site at approximately 9.30am and found the traps to be still in the set position, I returned at 2.20pm and to my surprise the trap had been moved almost 2 meters and also had been flipped up side down. The pegs that held the trap in place were obviously not long enough for the sandy loam soil and had been scattered about as well! I have no doubt that I must have almost captured a thylacine and that he must have been a large one at that (They can almost grow 8-9 foot in length) a fox or a smaller animal would have found it much too difficult to do the same amount of damage!
I chose not to look for any hair samples because I firmly believe and know that it was a thylacine and I do not need any experts (sic) to confirm this. Instead I resurrected the trap as quickly as possible in case the animal may have wanted to return for a second attempt. Unfortunately after 5 more nights nothing returned and it was clear that he had cleared out! I obtained some larger pegs that had to be driven in with a mallet and also left an ice cream container of water as the drought was very extensive in the area. We will need to get his confidence back again with the feeding program before another attempt can be made at Easter.
Lance Baldwin (dec) Thursday 6th March 2003 at approximately 7.30 pm had the following encounter:-
"I was sitting in the caravan at the rear of the house, when I looked out of the side window. I saw a thylacine passing by no more than 2 meters away. It was approximately 4 ft in length from the tip of its nose to the end of the tail. I couldn't get over its long snout and I could see all of the stripes on its body. The coat was creamy in color and the body was similar to that of a greyhound.
I picked up the camera at the rear of the van as the animal passed in between the shed and the side paddock. I raced outside as quick as I could but the animal took off! They move so quick. I could hear the neighbouring dogs barking in the distance in direction it had gone".
This was a great sighting confirming the thylacines continued existance in the epicentre of our research domain and I can only hope that we can obtain a similar experience when we venture down there at Easter!
Jean Donnelly (dec) 15th March 2003 had the following experience:-
I opened my window curtains early this morning to let in some more light and there in the front yard was a Tasmanian Tiger. I could not believe it! He just stood there and so did I. I couldn't help but notice his long tail. He was about 4 metres away and he turned around to look at me. He had really pointy ears and he eventually walked into our garage and then off into the bush. He was about the same size as the first one that I saw in 1991. Quite big and he had these stripes that were clearly visible. When I later went outside to inspect the ground, there were huge pad marks in the yard, they were about 3 inches in diameter and had pressed down into the sand indicating that it was a fairly heavy animal. To top it off, at the evening dance later on that night 2 other people mentioned that they had also seen a large animal walking across the middle of the road and into bushes near the same area!
Rowan F. Had the following encounter on Sunday 16th March 2003 on the Berwick Harkaway Rd.:-
I was driving home at night with another family member and had turned into the Harkaway Berwick Rd (Heading North). We had traveled approximately 100 meters when we both saw an unusual looking animal loping across the roadway to our right. It hid behind a tree and then turned around to look at us. It was approximately 4-5 ft in length and its body was shaped like a whippet dog with its tail hanging downward. I noticed that at the rear of the animal it was dark in color compared to the rest of the body and its eyes that dazzled in the light of the car headlights were bright yellow. We both said that the animal was a Tasmanian Tiger and pulled into the next driveway and turned around to go back to where we had seen it! Unfortunately though it had disappeared.
I had recalled a similar story that was detailed some 3-4 years prior in the same area of Robinsons Rd. But could find no archivial mention of this report. - Rowan F.
Expedition 15 Monday 14th April 2003
Whilst out driving in the early morning sunshine looking to see if there was any fresh animal road kills overnight by the edge of the main roadway, at 8 am I had another sighting. The animal crossed the road some 30 - 40 metres ahead of the vehicle. I was only going slow at the time (Approximately 40 kms/hr) and he crossed the road from left to right, he was only a small one less than a metre in length and the tail was hanging straight down. I've seen enough foxes to know that this was definitely a thylacine. He had big ears for his size and I pulled up the vehicle quickly at the point where he crossed. Grabbing the video camera and switching it on I raced into the bush where he had entered. Surprisingly I could still see him but he leapt in a bit further out of view. I continued the chase only to see him jump over some bracken fern and to disappear, his lengthy tail extended behind him! Another missed opportunity! The area had some excellent drought breaking rain during my time there and whilst walking areas of the nearby Golf Course I could see footprint evidence of more than one sized animal in the sandy loam soil. Here's hoping for next time!
Photo of a Juevenile ThylacineLana B. had the following sighting on Thursday May 29 2003
I was sitting in my caravan at approximately 11.00am and caught a glimpse of an animal moving out of the corner of my eye out of the window. It was a small Tasmanian Tiger about 2 foot in length in the body plus the tail, so he was fairly young! He walked across the road at the back of the property and the most striking feature was that he had a broken tail from the last 6 or so inches because it drooped and was not in a straight line. "I reckon that it could have been run over by a car to cause the break!" His coat was light brown in color and it looked very scruffy, almost like a winter coat and I could see his stripes as plain as day. He was also very thin in the body!
The dog was going beserk, but the animal was just sauntering along into the paddock next door. I raced in side to get Dad but when we returned the animal was no longer in sight!
A second sighting within a week!
Whilst walking her 2 dogs at approximately 11.00 am on Thursday 5th June 2003 at the rear of her property (almost in the same area as the previous sighting) Lana B. had the following encounter:-
The dogs were both on their leads and as we were returning home from our walk, they picked up a scent. They started barking their heads off and were tugging me towards another property across the road. I stood at the front of the property and from out of the back of the neighbouring house came a Tasmanian Tiger. It was about the same size as the one that I saw last week and I immediately looked to see if it had a broken tail in case it may have been the same one. But this one didn't have a broken tail and it was approximately 15 metres away from me, crossing the drive way. It too had a scruffy winter coat and it just trotted away. It wasn't in any kind of hurry, just trotting along. I'll have to make sure that I take my camera in future!
Mary T. and Mark T. sent me the following report 28th August 2003:-
Hello ,I saw something that I have never seen before. Both my daughter and I were delivering mail ( I am a mail contractor). The top of the mountain where some people choose to live is quite isolated with much of the surrounding country side not suitable for a person to walk.. (shear drops and goat tracks).
Any way we came around a blind corner, there was a small clearing and we startled this animal. I will describe this animal:- Legs shorter than the back legs so its backside was raised in the air. Its tail was about 2.5 feet long and roughly 3 inches thick at its backside and tapered down to around about 1 inch at the end. Its head was like a fox head only longer and boofier (for want for a better word). Its coloring was sort of a tan bone color leaning more towards a yellowish.. It had stripes on its hind and on its sides and they faded as they got midway or near its belly ( going towards its head)
We watched it run for about 50 metres or so, it was a very awkward runner but never the less it was still fast.. My husband insisted I reported this to the park ranger, which I did , but he did not seem all that interested. I have to be honest .. When we described this animal to my husband he said straight away "Tassie tiger" and got a picture off the internet and showed my daughter. We both agreed .We said that's what we saw on the mountain..
Randall H. and Sandra H. had the following sighting on 2nd of September 2003 near Beech Forest, Great Ocean Rd. Victoria at 2.30pm for approximately 15 seconds in duration:-
From a distance of approximately 10 metres. It walked fast across in front of our car, coming out of the forest into the forest on the other side of the road. It didn't even look for traffic. My wife and I could not believe what we were seeing as we knew what it was immediately.
We were coming back from the 12 apostles along the great ocean road when you get to Lavers Hill you are supposed to turn right we missed the turn off because we were looking at the cafe at the T-section thinking we should have stopped there instead of the other cafe. As you go on a couple more towns you come to Beech Forest, just on the other side of this town is a right turn to Beauchamp Falls and Hopetown Falls, we kept going straight ahead not turning right. We got a few more kms up the road when we came to some red flags across the road. The council had blocked the road probably from bad weather and also at this point is where the bitumen finishes and the dirt road/gravel road starts.
I turned the car around and started heading back up the road back towards Beech Forest. The forest is gets quite heavy there on both sides of the road. I wasn't going that fast probably 60kms/hour as we weren't in any hurry. This is when the animal came out from our right and wandered across the road it didn't even look to see if any traffic was coming like a dog would.
It may have been 10 - 20 metres in front I would say about 6-8 car lengths. It looked about just over knee high with black stripes and that distinctive long neck. We only saw it from side on. I drink Cascade light so both my wife and I know what a tiger resembles. We were virtually in a state of shock because as soon as we saw it we knew what it was and we knew they were supposed to be extinct. My inlaws from overseas were asleep in the back of the car. It was about 2.30pm and cloudy and had been raining off and on but wasn't raining at the time.
I am a photographer by profession and had the camera all ready to go in the back and I am now kicking myself for not at least trying to get a photo as we now realise the importance of a such photo. I guess we were so stunned on seeing it and the forest was so dense either side we didn't think of getting a photo. What an idiot!
We asked a few locals over the next day and some said there have been some sightings over the years, others just looked at me as if I was some stupid city slicker on drugs. Please keep in touch as I am now very interested, we are based in Canberra.
I am back to work tomorrow and wonder how many people will believe me.
Kind regards Randall H.
Natalie T. Age: 25 had the following experience nearing the end of September 2003 in the Sydney suburb of Ramsgate:- I had driven along the backstreet near the Coles Supermarket parallel to the Grand Parade at approximately 12.15am. It was a clear night but frosty and cold, I had just done my shopping at Coles Supermarket on Grand Parade and came up through the main backstreet to President Ave. when it ran across the road in front of my car into the long grass where the old trams used to run. It was dog/dingo like with very clear stripes at the mid to rear of it's body on its back down to the top of its legs. It was a bit skinnier than a dog in the chest region and a much stiffer longer thinner tail a bit like a kangaroo's but thinner.
The markings are the main reason why I believe it was a thylacine. I thought it was crazy in Sydney suburbs hence why I did not report it straight away but I cannot find any other Australian dog-like creature with these markings. I would be happy to see other images of other possible creatures to compare with but I know of no others. distance: 10 meters duration: 30 seconds.
I turned around to see if I could spot it again but it had disappeared so quickly. The area has a lot of Natural bush and revegetation was undertaken nearing the Sydney 2000 Olympics. There was also areas of high grass in the parks near the sighting. Natalie T.
Gordon B.
I read with some interest of Natalie's account of seeing a Tasmanian tiger whilst surfing the net for something quite different.
It so happens that the area in question has a lot of unexplored areas for a natural bush area close to Sydney. It has fresh water streams ;large areas of protected bush that stretches from Sans Souci to Brighton le Sands, especially through Ramsgate behind the primary school. Often, when walking I have seen strange looking animals in this area and on one occasion I thought I saw what Natalie has described ; but put it aside as No that cannot be; however even as a boy living in this area while walking and exploring native bushland as I did I always thought sightings of this kind as unfed stray dogs, now I am not so certain.
For on the night in question a stripped animal with features of what has been described appeared walking .almost stalking from one side of the large park in front of me moving towards the area known as bona park near where I imagine Natalie described. I will be taking my digital camera with me from now on . Gordon B.
Antonio H. Had the following encounter with a thylacine in October 2003. "I was sitting in side in my lounge room and I could hear a commotion coming from my bird cage located outside at the rear of the house. In my cage which was about the size of a portable double wardrobe I had 2 turtle doves, 2 chickens and 2 quail. I walked outside my back door and approximately 5 metres away from me standing in the block next door was a huge dog like animal about the size of a large alsatian! I thought that first it was a large fox. It had these big pointy ears and a big pointy snout and it had a real greyhound look about it in terms of the ribs and stomach. It also had this long tail drooping down behind. Its coat was golden brown it really was a magnificent animal but I could not see any stripes on it. It merely looked at me for about 5-10 seconds and then took off through the paddock.
A couple of weeks later, I returned home from being out to find a big hole made in the chicken wire of the cage and all of the birds had been cleaned out! It looked like the animal had actually got in to the cage for there was nothing left of any of them. I had to ask myself the question "What animal would be so powerful to rip a hole in the wire? A fox would not do this!
Antonio at his bird cageAntonio H. at his bird cage where he once had 2 Turtle Doves, 2 Quail and 2 Chickens! What made the hole in the wire?
Cheryl had the following experience on Monday 3rd of November 2003 I think that I saw a tassie tiger today at 5pm on the Wonthaggi-cape Paterson road. I have seen several in the past couple of years but have not told anyone. Maybe I have see the same thing each time and not different creatures. Today's sighting was very clear! Cheryl later contacted me during January 2004 stating Other sightings have been reported at the same time as I saw my thylacine towards the beach side of Wonthaggi near Powlett river. Young have been seen at Eagle's Nest and Twin Reefs near Inverloch since November.
10th November 2003
Braith & Guy Aged 42 had the following experience over a one week period along a section of road and bush near the Great dividing Range outside of Brisbane South Queensland:-
The area had been in drought for some time and we were driving along the road way through a forest at 5pm in the afternoon. When out from the scrub jumped this dog like animal and it ran across the road in front of the car. Straight away we said "That's a tiger"! Even from 20 metres away we could see the distinctive stripe marks and it's motionless thick tail hanging down at the rear. It ran slowly as if it was sick and it was far too big and slow in its movements to be considered a fox. Braith jumped out of the car and took chase after the animal and he followed it for some time along a dried out creek. He was as close as 2 metres from the animal at some stages and it made no attempt to savage him. Braith could have almost grabbed it too the ground but decided not to in case it might bite him. He eventually followed it up to a hollowed out log that was tunnelled into the creek bank which he assumed that it was the animals lair or den.
Eventually the animal moved further up into the hills and got away. Early the next day we went out to the spot of the tree trunk lair and placed a video camera near the hole. It was far too dark to see inside but we continued to film. The amazing thing was that the cameras microphone was picking up the yapping sounds of the cubs in the hollow even though they could not be seen. We returned later that afternoon hoping to get some video footage of the female returning to the site but achieved nothing. After 2 days we realised that both the mother and her cubs had gone so gave up on trying to film. We collected some hair samples that we sent off for testing but they could not support our sightings nor prove that it was a thylacine and we took almost 13 plaster casts of footprints that we had found and I must say Murray, "They match your plaster prints on your web site exactly"!
The animal had a dark coat (grey) in color and it was interesting to note that much of the wildlife in and around where the lair was located was non present but some 50-100 metres away there was an abundance of birds and other animals possibly indicating that they were wary of the predator. A similar feature is that there are no Dingoes in the area yet on other nearby hills these animals are present. One farmer indicated that a new born calf had been pulled down and killed regularly each year and yet there were no dingoes for miles. We believe that because of the drought the animal was heading down to the nearby waterfalls to collect water. We've since then had 2 and a half inches of rain and the animal may have moved back up into the hills. Guy.
Hello Murray, I listened to you radio interview on the ABC radio the other week in Gippsland.
I live on the 90 mile beach and I saw my second Tasmanian Tiger crossing the road from the Loch Sport side to the Golden Beach side near Lake Reeve. It was at night in 2003. I informed my husband only. I know what I was looking at as I had read about the tiger some years ago and know its distinctive shape especially its tale and marks. I saw it only for 1-2 minutes as it crossed the road about 10.30-11.00pm at night. It was the size of an average dog but longer in the body and very quick.
My first sighting was out of Axedale East of Bendigo in the middle 1980’s also at night. It was also very distinctive in shape, colour and size. I feel very pleased that I have seen the Tasmanian Tiger. Wonderful amazing animal to see.
Regards Kate T.
Expedition 18 Another Sighting! (Sighting Number 14) Tuesday January 6th 2004
I woke early at 5.00am just as daybreak was commencing. I took my time getting ready and started up the vehicle to exit the carpark where I had slept the night at approximately 5.30 am. The sun was up and it was becoming clearer. I had pulled out of the carpark to see some 60 metres in front of me standing on the entrance road a medium sized thylacine. I could see his tail hanging down and the stripes along his rump! He was side on and just stood there looking at my vehicle. I quickly reached for the video camera on the seat next to me as the animal darted into some vegetation of small shrubs next to the road.
I drove the vehicle up to the area that he had raced into. By this time I had the video camera on and I jumped out and looked around for a short period of time hoping that he might come into view. There was a steep embankment behind the shrubs and disappointingly I thought that he may have climbed it and escaped me. I jumped back into the vehicle to see him standing a further 60 metres ahead of me at the top of the entrance road. I moved the vehicle forward and the animal raced down the back of a property onto the beach area. I pulled up the vehicle and raced down onto the beach also, only to see him take off into the distance at a rapid rate.
At approx 7.30pm on 18th JANUARY 2004 - Karl S. (Aged 42) and his son Anthony had the following encounter in Loch Sport Victoria. We had travelled 5.5 kms into the National Park at the end of Loch Sport. We reached a point in the road where the track divides into two. At about 0.5ks past the Y intersection taking the south track towards Point Wilson, we saw an orangey/brown dog like animal a bit bigger than a fox with stripes on its tail cross the roadway in front of us. It would have been almost 50 metres ahead of us at first and we continued to slowly approach it. We would have seen it for approximately 10 - 15 seconds and it appeared to be in no real hurry. It just looked at us and then just went off into the bush.
Doug M. Had the following experience on Monday 19th January 2004. Saw a very unusual animal this morning. It was so unusual that I thought I'd look it up on the web.The location was between Bacchus Marsh and Toolern Vale, a farming area on the edge of some forest. Location: Comaida Road between two stud farms at boundary of Moorabool and Melton shires Time: 07:50 Visibility: Bright and Sunny Distance: 10-50 meters Duration: 5 seconds Height: 12 to 15 inches Length: Body 24 inches, Tail 24 inches, small head, snout rounded. Colour: Dark Brown all over Hair: Short hair/fur, rather like that on a kelpie Description: Animal ran across road in front of me, at first sight I thought it was a fox or a dog, but quickly realised it wasn't either. Ran with an unusual slow gait, higher at back than at front, front legs were shorter. Tail was very thick and stuck straight out behind the animal. Fairly thin animal Gave me the impression of being a young animal, not fully mature. Although it ran on all fours it looked as though it could have stood up on it's hind legs but wasn't anything like a wallaby or kangaroo. Regards,
Doug M.
Sunday 11/4/04 Carol H. Aged 56 had the following encounter at 8.30 pm in Halls Gap- This is just out of Pomonal on the Halls Gap side and we saw him from a distance of 2mts. (drove right beside him), For a duration of 2 minutes.
My mother & I were camping on my daughter (Tammy's) bush block. We were returning from Halls Gap to the campsite and were travelling very slowly because we were trying to find the Court in the dark. High beams were on. As we approached the turn off He appeared in the headlights. His eyes were locked onto the light & they shone. He was sitting upright on the gravel beside the road. He was eating road kill.
The thing that appeared strange and unusual were the ears. They were rounded going up a point and they sat high on a very large rounded head front on. Another car was approaching from behind. The approaching lights from behind us lit up the road, and as we slowly passed by him he raised himself up and we saw him side on. I got the shock of my life, this animal stood knee high & had strong shoulders. I quite clearly saw stripes on his back and these stripes continued up his tail. The tail was very long and ended in a point.
I slid past and continued to watch him in the rear vision mirror. The car behind was almost upon me by then, and I remember overshooting our turnoff because I was so overawed by what my eyes were seeing. He calmly moved off the road and I lost sight of him when the rear approaching car passed by us. I remember saying at the time "What on earth was that?" We discussed it and we agreed that it wasn't a dog, it wasn't a large feral cat, nor was it a fox.
The next day I told my daughter Tammy about it. (She lives in Halls Gap). She works for the NRE & has studied animal biology at Uni. We at this stage had no idea what kind of animal we had seen, but we knew it was unusual. My daughter thought the description fitted that of a Tasmanian Tiger. She got onto the internet and found a picture of one. The picture matched exactly to the animal that we had seen.
My other daughter was there at the time. Belinda said she & her partner, (He is a local lad) had seen the same animal a month prior in broad daylight on the Tunnel Rd. behind Lake Fyans. The next day she took us to the spot where she had seen the animal. It was only about two kilometers from our sighting.
Just thinking about it, the habitat is just perfect. My daughter's block is natural forest which goes right back into the mountains. Opposite is cleared pasture land, then more scrub land at the back of Lake Fyans for cover. There are wallabies on my daughter's block. Sheep, rabbits & water on the farmland opposite. I'm pretty exited about seeing this unusual animal. I would not like to see him hunted down or hurt. I'm sure other locals would have seen him too, if we have.
Anyway, we have seen one alive & well, if people will let it be.
Yours sincerely, Carol H.
Rear Heal measured in the Sand Dunes
Rear heal pads found on the sand dunes July 2004. Found after following many footprint trails along and around some steep sand dunes.

Lana B. had the following encounters during June 2004.
The first sighting I had of the tiger was in late June – can’t remember the date. I was driving home from the RSL at 7.45 p.m. after helping out with meals. I had a friend with me who I was giving a lift home. Just up from the second roundabout I saw an animal running up the right hand side of the road. I said to Joy, that looks very much like a Tassie tiger. It ran into the bushes and I followed best I could with my headlights on it. Naturally it disappeared in the dark. Joy was very excited and said that she had not seen one of those for a long time. It was a medium sized animal. About whippet size. I could not see any stripes but the shape was unmistakeable.
I took Joy home (Joy lives next door to the late Fred Sylvester) and whilst driving away from her place another animal ran across the road in front of me. Same story as the one 5 minutes prior. Similar size, I couldn’t see any stripes but once again the shape was unmistakeable. Unbelievable but true. I must admit that I did doubt what I had seen as I hadn’t had a sighting for over 12 months. There are a lot of foxes around at the moment but they have a completely different shape.
The next sighting once again I was driving home from the RSL after helping with meals. An animal was running up the right hand side of the road and the shape was very familiar. I followed it into the bushes and it disappeared into Terry P's yard. The animal was larger than the two previous sightings but once again I didn’t see any stripes.
I wasn’t going to tell you about the next encounter as I know just how frustrating it is for you down there and not being able to get into the action. It makes me feel guilty knowing what I’m seeing and knowing you can’t share it!
This sighting was late in the afternoon – about 5.15pm. Driving down the road I saw an animal that was trying to get out of a fenced up area. It was very disorientated. It didn’t seem to know where it was going. I turned the car around to get another look and to make sure that what I was seeing was really happening and it ran across the road in front of me then into a near by property and then it took off. This was a medium sized animal – tail hanging down. Very mangy looking. Stripes not really clear, but a tiger nonetheless. It really did look so confused. I don’t know whether it was frightened and panicked or whether it was half blind or what. I guess we’ll never know.
I was really fascinated with a road kill that I saw last week. I told you about it but will put it down anyway. Late in the afternoon I saw a fresh road kill (kangaroo) on the side of the road.. It was lying just off the side of the road. The next morning I went down to get the paper and noticed that the head was missing and most of the stomach and rib cage had been eaten out. That night after helping out at the RSL with meals again I passed it on my way home and saw two foxes having a feed. They ran off as I got near to them. The next morning once again doing the paper routine I noticed that all that was left of the kangaroo was part of the hind legs, the tail, and some skin hanging from it. Next time I went passed the whole lot was gone. Not bad for just a couple of days eh? Regards
The best recorded sighting yet! Comes from Cheryl W. (mid 50's) who during February/March 2004 had the following encounters whilst walking her Boxer dog through parkland in the small township of New Gisborne near Mt Macedon in Victoria. I was walking my large male boxer in low lying tussock scrub and marsh land near my home, when I came across an animal that I had never seen before. The area is common land known as the old Gisborne Race Track, with semi rural land, to the North there is a baron unused piece of land of possible 500 to 1000 acres. It was around midday and I observed an animal from approximately 100 metres away. It was just walking around and I was taken back by its stripes and its colour. It was very 'tabby' Cat like colour in its coat grey /golden with a long snout. I stood there for a while wondering what animal it was and then it saw me and crossed into another paddock and then into the bush. A couple of days later whilst walking in the same area the boxer dog who was off its lead had the animal 'bailed up' in some scrub bushes that I later surmised was its lair as the animal had its rear backing into a rocky outcrop of pipe work and some blackberries.
The dog and the animal actually began a full on skirmish and I became hysterical. The animal had these big fangs and was trying to bite my dog around the throat but could only get nips on him. I had to intervene to separate the two animals. This fight went on for a good couple of minutes and they were both snarling and hissing at each other like two aggressive dogs might do when walking down the street. Eventually I reached in with the walk lead and placed it around the neck of my dog and pulled him out. The animal was further in and I couldn't get any closer to get a better view of him. So I walked off. I took the dog to the vet for repairs as he had a number of cuts on his coat and was bleeding. I had the Department of Natural Resources and Environment come out to the spot the next day but you would not believe it, the area where the fight took had been covered in with landfill from one of the trucks operating in the area. We had a look around but couldn't find anything much. I only hope that the animal wasn't buried alive in the den! At a family luncheon some weeks later a mutual friend from Portland also attended and in general conversation the story of the confrontation was again put forward. This chap immediately described a personal experience with a similar animal in the Portland area known a Cape Bridgewater where he described many sighting of was believed to be Thylacine during the 1960's and 70's. I have continued to walk my dog in the area of the sighting but have had no further sightings or confrontations or seen any evidence since.
I also note that you have a sighting to the South of Gisborne on the Toolan Vale Comaida Road. Although the distance between the two location is about 20km the Bush land is connecting Cheryl W.
Sightings 2005
Tim M. had the following encounter. I have spoken to you before about seeing the tiger down at Loch Sport. I have had 4 sightings my self down there in various places. Last weekend 6/8/05 Myself and 3 other people where there on the Saturday, it was about 11 am and we went to 90 mile beach. There is a road on the causeway before you get to the end that turns right and we went down there where the gas pipe line crosses the road. We went for walk on 90 mile beach and we were coming back on that road which is in between 90 mile beach and lake reeve which I think is the perfect spot for the tiger, and to our amazement all 4 of us saw a tiger walk 50 meters in front of the car across the road. All in the car with me couldn't believe what they had seen.
It was a large animal and it looked like a male because of its size. It had a long tail, Stripes and was low to the ground in terms of its height. I had a look on the ground and took some photographs of the large pads. I have seen these before up on the sand dunes and it's an ideal spot for them. When you are going down there next give me a call and would love to go looking for it also as I think I have a few good ideas on where you could get a photo shot of it?
Tim M.
With The Thylacine being Nocturnal, there is no doubt that situations like those below are happening at night whilst we are asleep!
Snake Tales Thylacine Cartoon
Visit Snakes web site at:- www.snakecartoons.com

Thursday 27th October Bernadette C. from Anglesea in Victoria had the following experience. I was coming home after picking my daughter up from dance class in Geelong, Victoria, to Anglesea when I saw what looked liked a Tasmanian Tiger walk from the side of the road into the bush.
It was approx. 8.30 pm. I said to my daughter "God, I think I just saw a Tasmanian Tiger". She said "They're extinct" I said " Well I know that but I just saw one.. It had stripes down the lower part of it's back. It wasn't a dog or a cat it really looked like a Tasmanian Tiger." She told me to go back, I slowed down to turn but I said it went into the bushes we'll never see it now.
I have just come home and gone onto the internet to find out if there have been other sightings in Victoria and if there was somewhere to report the sighting to. I plan to go to the Anglesea police station tomorrow to report it. It now seems vague but I am positive it was not a cat or a dog and it had stripes, and that was what made me gasp. Bernadette C.
Our targeted research area of Gippsland continues to get stories from Loch Sport. The latest occurring on Sunday 13th November at 11.04pm. I was travelling home after dropping a relative off to catch a train. I had my lights on real high beam which are far brighter than normal driving high beam. As I rounded a bend some 5 kms before town I could see two animals playing and wrestling on the left hand side of the road. I slowed down and lowered my lights. The animals were young and about the size of a 6 - 7 month Labrador. As I approached they got up and I could see stripes on the lower half of their backs towards the tail. One had its tail up and the other had its tail hanging down. I thought "They're tigers! But then I thought we don't have tigers in Australia!" As I came closer the first one ran across the road in front of my car closely followed by the second one that I almost hit. It wasn't until I saw a picture of the thylacine posted in the local shop the next day that I realised that they were the animals that I had seen. I'm a firm believer that they are there and I'm going to keep my eyes posted for more sightings. Tracey
Terry G. From Traralgon had the following sighting in the heart of our research area in September 2005 at Location: Loch Sport. We were driving along National Park Rd at approximately 10.30, there were 4 of us in the car. As we approached Goodlet St and from a distance of approximately 35-40 mts an animal ran across the road in front of us.
All of us thought it was a Tassie Tiger, it had a long skinny tail, not bushy like a foxes. It appeared to have faint stripes on it's back and was dirty sandy/brown in colour. It was about the size of a Labrador Dog...I've seen plenty of foxes and it was not a fox. We drove around the corner for another sighting and only got a glimpse of it running up through the trees, didn't give us much. First sighting more positive. Terry G.
On the 30/12/05 Emma C. Aged 31 had the following encounter in Loch Sport, VIC It was 9.45 - 10pm and quite dark. Two nights previously I thought that I may have seen one! But I thought that it was silly that I may have seen a Tasmanian Tiger so I thought that maybe it could have been a cat. I was sitting on the front veranda and I saw it come out of the bush, across the road. I immediately got up and snuck to where I thought it might be and from a distance of approximately 3 - 4 metres I was certain that what I was looking at was a Tasmanian Tiger!
The Thylacine had crossed the road and was peering into a vacant block, then it turned around and looked at me. When it realised that I was there, (not too fussed) it turned and ran back into the bush. I'm 90 percent sure it was a Thylacine....a small one though 3.5 - 4ft long and 45- 60cm high. Quite graceful really exactly the same shape as the posters that I saw after the sighting, long very thin tail head like a thylacine and greyhound whippet like body. I saw no colour though as it was darkish. distance: 3-4 and duration: 40 seconds approximately.
Tales of Tassie Tigers from the Gippsland Region 2006
On the 7th of January Emma G. Had the sighting of what she thought was a thylacine at Giffard near McGauran (near Woodside in Gippsland Victoria) beach at the creek on her farm.
From a distance of almost 250 metres and at 6.45am. For 1 minute we observed an animal that was skinny, brown orange colour very short coat, very pointy tail that stuck out, funny back legs, head small and round with small ears, long nose pointed back and bum.
20th of February at Cowra near Bathurst and Orange New South Adrian K. along with one of his mates had the following experience. It was around midday and we were driving along a road through a vineyard grape growing farm, my mate was next to me and we had 2 Alsatian dogs in the rear of our ute. It was also bright and sunny and my mate called out "What's that animal that just crossed the road?"
I pulled up the car and we backed up about 5 rows and the animal was sitting facing us at a distance of approximately 25 - 30 metres. My Mate said "Just keep sitting here until the animal gets up and stands side on in a profile". The animal had a short coat that was brownish in colour, longish snout and big ears. We watched it for almost 30 seconds and eventually he got up. His body was very much greyhound or whippet in shape but the tail was the most mesmerising thing about the whole sighting. It was like a broomstick that was almost as long as his body and held upright on a slight angle above his body height. His rear was darker in colour but we couldn't see any stripes and he trotted off away from us. I've seen a number of foxes and this was nothing in comparison, he looked very native. The most amazing thing was that the 2 dogs just sat there and probably didn't even realise that the animal was there. No barking! No nothing ! - Adrian K
Janet Age: 45 early March 2006 had the following experience whilst travelling along in her car near The Windymile, Diamond Creek Rd Diamond Creek Victoria. It was around noon on a bright sunny day and we were travelling along a bushy road that is very windy, as we went around a bend we saw an animal cross over the road. It was approximately 20-30 mtrs in front of our vehicle and we would have seen it for about 5 seconds in total. After crossing the road it just disappeared into the scrub on the other side of the road. I was with my sister in the car and we both said "Hey! That looks like one of those Tassie Tigers, but it couldn't be!" But the more that I think about it I really wondered if perhaps it was!
It had a long skinny tail, stripes on the back mainly upper body, longer legs than a fox, pointy snout, and it seemed pretty healthy. Janet.
Could the report of seeing a thylacine in this region be linked to the newspaper and media reports of kangaroo kills on the Yarrambat Golf Course during 2006? The Golf Course is merely 15 kms away from this site and I have commenced some research with the Grounds Personnel at Yarrambat to monitor the situation over the remainder of 2006 and into 2007.
Vicki aged 32 and Stephen VL aged 38 on the 31st of march 2006 had the following encounter 500m before the Heyfield turnoff heading towards Sale Victoria. It was approx 9.45pm at night and we were driving along in our car and from a distance of approximately: 50m ahead of our vehicle we saw an animal crossing the road. It was definitely not a fox or a roo but a cross between the two. pale in colour. You know, all the times you have come for takeaway at the Lochsport Motel and told me about the Tassie Tiger I never thought that one would be viewed by us....cant believe it .... Good luck with your search.
Early May 2006 my neighbour told me of a sighting of something unusual she had seen out her back door. I didn't really believe her that much until I had witnessed what I saw last night (June 6th). I wouldn't say that it was a thylacine but after looking at pictures of them after the incident I could have sworn it was. As I was driving to town to pick up my son I saw something in front of me crossing the road (approx 50 metres). I usually see foxes cross the road but this was no fox, or dog. As I approached where it had crossed I saw it in a shallow drain (300mm), it was looking in my direction as I passed.When it crossed the road it seem to be like when a dog is yelled at, like it was cowering, also it was unusual in it movement as was not running, but not walking. It also seemed to be a greyish looking colour, I could not recall seeing any markings as I had a car about 150 metres in front and didn't have my high beam on. This all took place on the Portland Nelson Rd, about 7 Kms out of Portland, Victoria. I'll keep my eye for and hopefully have a camera next time. Greg S.
Shane V. whilst driving along the Cape Patterson /Inverloch Rd on December 17th at approximately midday had the following experience. I was driving along approximately 1 kilometre past the Cape Patterson Tennis Court turn off and heading towards Inverloch. I saw an animal race across the road approximately 50 metres in front of my vehicle. It was moving from the beach vegetation towards the farmland vegetation on the left. Its coat was orange in colour and it was the size of a German Shepherd. (Much larger than a Fox) I couldn't see any stripes on its coat as it was moving pretty quickly, I didn't think about stopping to have a look but I really should have (This is the region where other historical reports have taken place so it is a possibility that what Shane saw was a thylacine).

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