Tassie Tiger

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Sightings 2007-10

Sunday July 29 2007 at around noon Steve R. had the following experience whilst driving his car with his family 3 km's West of Angelsea on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It was a Crystal Clear fine day and we were travelling at approximately 70 kms per hour along the Great Ocean Road around 3 kilometres from Angelsea an animal about 20 to 30 meters (Max) in front of us runs from bush side of highway across road to coastal side and into the bush -

I looked at it --- mind was thinking --- Dog?/No.... Fox?... No.... feral cat?... No.... looking at features.... TAIL ... strange, seems long, stiff and strong thick look -- extends out rear of animal, not fluffy at all like fox.... the tail really caught the eye because in my mind I have really tried to zoom in on it because it was unusual.....it ruled out fox/dog completely... Sandy Brown in colour..... size.... medium sized dog... head looked dog...commented shortly after -- strange run... more like a horse gallop -- sort of athletic looking animal...not fat Immediate reaction... slowed car.... almost shouted to all kids (two boys in back seat didn't see a thing!) -- I shouted -- "WHAT WAS THAT!"...... couldn't stop as there were now cars closing in behind me....

Daughter laughed -- "no idea".... Talked of all above characteristics.... daughter spoke of faint striping mid rift..... boys in back said was it Tasmanian Tiger? -- daughter said --- "no idea... I dont know what a Tasmanian Tiger looks like!"

Within 20 minutes kids went for a surf... I was still stunned so phoned my wife and text messaged a few close friends.. Browsed web that evening..... a number of things made me think... that's what I saw... particularly the gallop action...and the tail .. as the 2 outstanding features..... they hit me really hard at the time....I didn't identify stripes... although my daughter mentioned faint stripes..... that's the only missing element from me personally A number of photos looked very similar..... one stuffed animal photo on a site I browsed was incredibly similar.... In my few hours of web browsing... I read a report of a siting... very close to Angelsea..... a few years ago.... and a siting near Colac..... both deemed highly creditable descriptions.... Another point of interest..... the bush side land where I sited this animal has been recently burnt and I think is being cleared for an estate?

The absolute last place I would have expected to see an animal like this was so close to a residential area -- Pt RoadKnight/Angelsea is walking distance to the east (2klm?)......
I dont know what I saw -- but I saw it! -- I have ruled out Dog/Fox and Feral Cat..... if it was a dog... it was really wierd...

Steve R.

FootprintsThylacine prints alongside an Australian 50 cent coin obtained in September 2007. A Fox print in the left of photograph.

Perry E. and his wife were travelling through the township of Loch Sport in Gippsland on the 2nd of October 2007 at 6.15pm when they had the following encounter. It was just on dusk and we came over a small rise in the roadway in our car and then through a roundabout when we both saw this large animal about the size of a great dane dog but with a greyhound like body walk onto the road about 40 - 50 metres in front of our car. The animal stopped for a couple of seconds and we slowed the car down. It was golden brown in color and we could both see the stripes as plain as anything starting from the shoulder region and down to its tail. It soon took off as quick as anything it was so fast. Our immediate reaction was to say that's a Tassie Tiger we've both heard reports of other people in the area seeing them, but we couldn't believe it when we saw this one! We drove the car around the side streets in the area it ran to but he was gone and we couldn't find him.

Whilst tending to our camera equipment at around 7.30pm on Wednesday January 9th 2008 my son Callum and his mate Jordan had the following experience. We had been targeting a number of farm paddocks in and around the Cape Patterson area over the past couple of years and had found an area that we considered ideal for our research as it contained numerous species of Australian wildlife that appeared to be situated in a somewhat wildlife sanctuary or haven situated approximately 3 kilometers inland from the coast. Previously we had encountered echidnas, a mob of up to 25 Eastern Grey Kangaroos, a number of wombats and blue tongue lizards in conjunction with a vast array of unique bird life. On this occasion we had our cameras set up in a slightly raised hill area overlooking a number of cow paddocks and the cameras were placed in a lightly treed area with a large undercover of waist high bracken fern. We had a number of meat baits placed on some ropes hanging from one of the trees so that they might last a little longer in terms of decomposition and to prevent fly strike and maggots having an impact. I was standing in front of the camera set up and asked my son Callum to take a photo for our collection and records. My youngest son Daymon had a set of binoculars around his neck and Callum's mate Jordan asked if he could borrow them to have a look. With my back turned away from the paddock below Callum proceeded to take a couple of photos and Jordan looked through the binoculars towards the cow paddock in the distance below.

Jordan then said "There's a dog in the paddock down there!" He then repeated "There's a dog in the paddock down there!" Callum who was also facing in the direction of the paddock said "That's not a dog it's a Tassie Tiger!" As I had my back turned I didn't observe what they had witnessed and by the time I turned around the animal had crossed the paddock and under a strand fence into scrub land(This was approximately 100 meteres away from where we stood). They were both convinced that they had seen a Tasmanian Tiger. Jordan had the better view as he had seen it through the binoculars. They described it as being long in the body and the tail hung like that of a Kangaroo. Jordan said that he could see the stripes on its back and that it just trotted slowly across the 50 meter clear section of pasture. When they returned to my vehicle they both picked out the exact same thylacine images that I had on a sticker made up on my car rear window. This sighting was particularly encouraging as it vindicated my assumptions on where the animal might be located in relation to my research in that region and both Jordan and Callum have seen more than myself in the Wonthaggi region to date as I have yet to have a sighting. Further to this we set cameras up in a secluded tea tree area near where the sighting took place with a large quantity of baits as a lure and left the cameras in place for a month. Unfortunately nothing had been touched on our return and the camera revealed only half a dozen kangaroo images which added to our frustration.

March 2008 Noel B. Had 3 seperate thylacine experiences within a week.The first sighting occurred near his home in Loch Sport. He was standing on his veranda just on dusk and noticed an animal trotting across a vacant block of land opposite. Noel was particularly taken by the way the animal tended to hug the vegetation for camoflage and not cut directly across the vacant open sections of the paddock. "It seemed to move from tree shrub to tree shrub and not in a direct straight line" he said.

Noel's second sighting was a couple of nights later when once again standing on the veranda having a cigarette he saw an animal walk up to the top of the drive way of a house almost opposite. "It stood at the top of the drive way for a few seconds and then went over the small rise and down the other side out of sight. It then came back up the rise and when I called out to my wife it took of into the bush real quick. It was a large animal" said Noel. "A real beauty I could see his stripes and all". Noel's neighbour up the road (Russell) and his wife had mentioned that they surprisingly saw one laying on the couch of the same house under the veranda early one morning. But as soon as it heard their voices it once again took off!
Noel's next sighting occurred just a few days later as he and his wife Wendy drove heir car towards Golden Beach. "It was a real bright sunny day and as we neared track three we could see this animal crossing the road from about 80 odd metres away. It wasn't just a walk but more like a trott. The animal then just stopped briefly at the side of the road and look at our car travelling towards it. This animal was magnificent! It was golden brown in color and you could see the stripes on him as plain as day. He was pretty big as well around about 5 feet long but pretty low to the ground when compared to normal dogs. As the car got closer he just ducked into the bush. We were both really excited about the sighting because we had a great view of him"! said Noel.

Steve S. had 2 thylacine sightings. The first being in 1995 and the the second in 2007 near Halls Gap and Roses Gap in the Grampians.
The first sighting was for almost 5-10 minutes. I was walking along a wallaby track in the region when I came upon a large thylacine. I considered it to be a female and it made a dry cough like call followed by a more phlemmy bronchial cough. I was pretty scared to move forward and she dropped her bottom jaw and bounced forward onto her front legs. It was clear that she didn't want me to go any further and it gave me the impression that she was protecting a pup as she kept looking behind her.
She had a real wolf like face and her jaw dropped like a draw bridge. At the rear she appeared to have a higher hind quarters and her tail just stuck out like a stick. Eventually I backed off and she went off into the bush. But the memories of that encounter will last with me forever.

The second sighting was along the Bolte Hwy near Mt Dryden of an animal crossing the road and that took place in either August or September2007.

Tuesday December 2nd 2008 Amelia and her husband Tom were sitting in a room in their house in Loch Sport and at approximately 2pm in the afternoon they saw out there window a small thylacine trotting through their back yard. "It was about twice the size of a cat,and it was greyish in color but the stripes on the rear of the animal were unmistakable. Its tail hung downward and it was like a kangaroos tail but on a smaller scale. It also was carrying something in its mouth. possibly a bone from one of the neighbours yards". said Tom. "We only saw it for a few seconds or so. But as soon as we both saw it we knew that it wasn't a normal animal that we had seen and straight away both of us thought that it was a tiger!".

Leslie D. a ten year resident in my research area and a past observer of a thylacine in the Bairnsdale region some years ago could scarcely contain herself when I visited her at 3pm on Sunday 21st December 2008. She conveyed to me the amazing story of thylacine sighting that had occurred at 1.20pm earlier that day. Her home has an amazing Bay widow and the house is in an elevated position overlooking Lake Reeve. From her room you almost feel as though you are in a helicopter overlooking the entire lake area and her views of the lake are simply stunning. Leslie conveyed her story. "I was sitting at the window doing my craft work and looking out at the lake, when I noticed this dog like animal on the shoreline of the lake in the distance. Being an avid nature watcher and carer my immediate reaction was 'who's let a dog loose on the lake?' But I soon realised that this wasn't a dog! It was some 500 -600 metres away so I had a look through my binoculars for a clearer view and I could see the tail hanging down like a kangaroo and the animal was running around near the edge of the water. I then thought 'Where's my camera? It was in the car, so I raced out to get it'. When I returned I managed to take a number of photo's of the animal trotting slowly through the water to the salt marsh land areas in the middle of the lake. The images won't be that good because I don't have a zoom and the camera is an old 35mm style.

The animal was very wet and it walked around on the salt marshes snuffling and hunting for food in a zig zag fahion as it made its way to the 90 mile beach side of the lake. I saw it moving in and out of the bush on the far side for a while and then it disappeared she said". Asked about her total time observing all of this Leslie surprisingly mention at least 10 Minutes. She also mentioned that the animal was a large animal tan in color. As for the animal being very wet I made mention that many animals tend to use this tactic to get rid of the ticks and fleas that they might be carryinging in their fur. There is quite an array of young duck and bird species around the lake and it was clear from Leslie's observations that the animal was obviously hunting for a meal. She later called a neighbour who put on some waders and ventured out into the area where she saw the animal in the hope of finding some good footprints but the ground surface was far too hard.

My stay in Loch Sport was brief and I headed home on the Monday afternoon. Wednesday 24th December 2008 I received an exciting telephone call from Leslie D. on yet another great sighting.

Leslie mentioned that she looked out of the window over Lake Reeve at approximately 7.50am and was amazingly surprised to see the thylacine once again on the hunt around the lake. This time Leslie decided to use the binoculars and to just sit and watch it. Incredibly this viewing will become one of the most historical viewings of the thylacine in its natural state as it lasted for almost 45 minutes to 8.30am. Leslie made mention of the following interesting observations. The animal visibly followed the same tracks that she herself had made with her neighbour from 2 days prior when they ventured out onto the lake in search of thylacine footprints. "It just followed my tracks every step of the way!" Leslie remarked.
"The animal was on the far side of the lake near the 90 mile beach and it cantered like a horse. Two legs out in front and two legs behind. And it was so quick! It's incredible how fast the animal can run! Much faster than anything that I've seen!" said Leslie.

"From the distance (500-600 metres) I could not see any stripes on his rear hump and the color of his fur was tan or golden brown. It appeared that his coat was lighter on his left side and darker on his right for some reason."

"When he walked he was lopping along and at times hurdle stepping which appeared unusual, but the tail just hung out behind him like a kangaroo tail."
"It was hard to pick him out at times as he appeared to blend in with the color of the vegetation. I also once saw him sitting back on his rear tail and upright, just like a kangaroo and then he moved back down on to all fours and trotted off again."

"One of the most facinating things was that he got really excited for some reason and jumped high into the air! Boy they can jump! He did this on at least 4 occasions and it was real high. You can understand reports of them jumping fences" said Leslie.

"It was obvious that he was on the hunt as he kept snuffling the ground on the salt marshes in search of food and he'd cover it pretty thoroughly before he'd move on to the next one. The roos didn't really move off but they were very wary of the thylacines antics and presence but he didn't appear interested in them. Maybe more so on the ducklings and any other small animals that he could find!"

Eventually as the time passed he made his way out to the 90 mile beach side of the lake and then disappeared into the bush.

Xmas Day 25th Dec 2008
At 7.32am Leslie went to her viewing window and saw the thylacine on the middle sand marsh island in the water. It moved up onto the land mass and was moving quickly spinning and turning as it went. She noticed at one stage the animal squated for a pee and had ts tail arched up slightly as it undertook this task. Eventually the animal galloped along the shoreline and went in amongst some bushes and tussocks near what Leslie calls a 'muddy inlet'.

26th Dec 2008
At 7.54-7.59am Leslie observed the animal through her binoculars alot closer to her house and near Lake Reeve. "I noticed groups of birds becoming startled and in flight" said Leslie. "On looking through my binoculars I could see the tiger on the hunt. It was hunting the birds and looked like a big cat because it crept and crouched amongst the tussock grasses after the seagulls and ducks. Eventually He moved out of sight and I thought that he had gone so I went and made myself a cuppa".

"When I returned from making my cuppa I saw him once again going across and jumping onto the sandmarsh island before heading across towards the muddy inlet and the 90 mile beach. 8.56-9.09am.
Leslie D.

January 2009 has been a productive period for our thylacine research with some great sightings.
Friday March 20th 2009 Andrew from the Bakery in the township of Loch Sport was driving in his car at night with his wife beside him when he had the following encounter.  We were driving slowly along the road near the Dolomite Swamp when we saw this animal crossing the road up ahead. We pulled up and it walked casually in front of the car across the road towards the swamp. It was about the size of a German Shepherd dog but skinny in the stomach and we could see the stripes clearly on its rump whilst it was in the headlights. The tail was long and stuck out at the back like a broom stick but it was in no real hurry to hide from us. I couldn't follow it into the area where it crossed as it was too bushy.

We both couldn't believe our eyes especially when we had heard reports of other people seeing them and not being sure whether to belive them or not! But now we're believers!

Wednesday 20th May resceived a phone call from Keith S. from Loch Sport who had been out and about walking his dog. Not far from his home he came across the carcass of a medium sized kangaroo. The significance of this find was that it was missing its head. Keith stated that there were alot of scuff marks on the ground nearby. I asked him whether the animal was a road kill and had been hit by a car and he said "No It's definitely been attacked!" The missing head is a common feature of thylacine predation, so I have no doubt that the thylacine had been involved in this.

Things have been extremely quiet in my research area for the past 6 months. Possibly due to the backburning of vegetation that has occurred during August. The landscape has ben scorched for almost a 10 km stretch and there is little wildlife travelling through the region. Hpefully things may improve over the next 12 months.

Hi Murray, Im Clint from Maffra in Gippsland I just found your site through phantoms and monsters and I wanted to let you know of a possible sighting I had late last year.

17th November 2009 just on dusk in clear weather about 5 kilometres from Mount Burnett, below Emerald, on Pakenham Road.  Its a winding road with drop offs and quite dense forest on both sides.  I came around a bend in the road and saw an animal standing beside the road.  As my car approached, the animal turned and loped off into the bush.  It was about the size of a German Shepard, but skinny through the stomach and was a fawny-brownish colour with some variance of shading on the body.

Thanks Clint

Xmas Day 2009, Geoff K and a friend turned off the Princess Hwy on the Outskirts of Pakenham Victoria and then into a gravel dirt road when they had the following experience.
It was around 12 pm during the day and we were making our way towards Emerald in the Dandenongs when we travelled up this dirt road off the Princess Highway. We hadn't gone far maybe 400 - 500 metres and we were travelling quite slow when we saw up ahead an animal snuffling on the side of the road at what we think must have been road kill. The vegetation in the area was quite scrubby and we managed to get within 40 - 50 feet of it before it turned side on and sauntered off into the bush. We both couldn't believe our eyes It really looked magnificent. It was about 1.2metres long from the nose to the end of the tail and the stripes were really prominent on the rump and they tappered down to the tail. We had a good view because it was a nice and sunny day and the animal seemed to be not too alarmed by us driving the car close to it but it just sauntered off into the bush. Afterwards we both couldn't believe what we had seen (That is an animal presumed extinct for almost 80 years) but I looked up the thylacine images on the internet and I'm certain that that's the animal that we saw! Geoff K.

Sunday Jan 17th 2010 whilst turning into the Loch Sport Rd near Golden Beach 3 people had the following experience. It was just on dusk and as we turned into the road we saw a dark brown animal loping across the road ahead from the left hand side of the road to the right.It had a long thin tail sticking out and as it glanced at our approaching vehicle its eyes shone yellowish/green in the headlights. Straight away all 3 of us thought Tasmanian Tiger! It definitely wasn't a dog, or a fox or a cat. After it crossed the road it disappeared into the bush. Liza, Katie and Pamela.

30th January 2010 Diana T in the township of Loch Sport woke at 2.30 am to this:-

It was a full moon which lit up most of the area outside and i heard a constant yapping sound but I couldn't work out where the noise was comming from. Later I heard a blood curdling scream, like a cat getting its legs ripped off out somewhere on Lake Reeve. I was really scared to look out of my window but when I drew back the curtain, outside I could see this dog like animal walking along the road. It then stood up like a kangaroo on its hind legs which had me confused and then it got back down on all fours and started walking like a dog once again out of view. The terrifying noise in the bush continued on and off and the time was around 4.00am neadless to say I didn'r get much sleep afterwards.
Dianne T.

Wednesday 24th March 2010 Helen along with her friend Kate and sister Mercedes were driving back along the Cape Patterson/Inverloch Rd at 4.30pm towards Cape Patterson when they saw an animal race across the road in front of their vehicle. It was a fine but overcast day and we were just returning from Inverloch. As we drove along we saw this dog like animal run out onto the road. It was a couple of hundred metres from our vehicle but we were getting closer. I slowed the car down and the animal stopped for a few seconds on the road. I said to Kate "It's not a dog, and it's not a fox as it had a skinny body with stripes all over its back. It had a skinny tail, not a bushy one like a fox. It just looked at us and then it ran very fast back into the bush on the beach side." This sighting was only approximately 500 metres from the turn off into Cape Patterson. We were all very surprised at what we saw and so close to the caravan park said Helen.

Thursday August 18th 2010 Things have been extremely quiet on the thylacine front for the entire year even in areas where thylacine evidence and sightings have been recorded over recent times. One must start to wonder whether "Fox Baiting" programs and "Rabbit Removal through baiting" might also be having adverse impacts on thylacine populations I believe that the thylacines staple diet is that of the rabbit and with the removal of these species through poisoning it could also be effecting the existence of thylacines who eat the rabbit and then in turn become poisoned and die off themselves. Similarly when the rabbit has been removed from one area the thylacines move on to more remote areas where the baiting program is not in place and where the rabbits are more plentiful. Block clearing and housing development along with CFA controlled bush fuel reductions all seem to have caused a disturbance to the movements of wildlife throughout the township of Loch Sport. Locals have also indicated that wallaby and kangaroo populations are also not as frequent as they have been in the past. Road kills of kangaroos also remain largely untouched whereas in the past quite often the heads had been removed indicating thylacine predation but this has been reduced dramatically all of the way from Loch Sport through to Golden Beach and Sale. One must also start to think that the thylacine might now be extinct in Loch Sport. But who is to know!

Wednesday September 1st 2010 Hello my name is Andy B. I live at Golden Beach in Gippsland Victoria. I was driving  west along Star Glow way coming home at around 12pm when about 200 mtrs away from my front gate a strange cat like animal crossed the road about 25 mtrs in front of my vehicle. It was only a fleeting glimpe of a couple of seconds at most.  It was about the size of a medium size dog say labradoor size maybe a touch bigger  it had a coat like a scruffy cat to irish wolf hound like, not short and shiny. It was charcoal grey to black with wisps of grey in it and a little bit of tan with a long tail held in an "s type shape" like a big cat this was the most prominant feature that I noticed it had a short blocky sort of head  sort of half cat and half boxer dog I cant say much more than that. I took my gun dog down to where it crossed the road and watched.He got the scent near the road  but would only go into the bush a little way  i walked in and noticed some large holes in the sand probably wombat holes  but they seemed very big i dont think it looked like a tassie tiger or a real panther  if anything more  bob cat with a long tail  and tabbie cat markings  but I believe it was too big to be a feral cat.
Andy B.

Perhaps one of the most encouraging sightings that I've recorded came from Mark H. From Western Australia on Tuesday 7th September 2010.

Hi Murray as we discussed,  I was driving a log truck into a pine plantation coup near Manjimup in Western Australia and I missed the turn off road and proceeded on. It was around 6am in the morning  and I stopped the truck at the end of the road but found it difficult to turn around. I got out of the vehicle but left the motor running and I walked off into a paddock.  I started walking towards a farm gate and I couldn't believe it when I saw what I first thought was a statue of a thylacine standing some 20 – 30 feet away from me near the farm gate. It was about the size of a kelpie dog and it just stood there. My first thoughts were, " who would put a statue of a thylacine next to a farm gate?" But I soon realised that it wasn't a statue at all and that it was a real living thylacine. It didn't hear me or turn to look at me and it just stood staring at something. I too just just stood and stared at it for what felt like almost 5 minutes. I could see the stripes as plain as day and the coat was golden brown in colour. In the end I picked up a stone and threw it at it. It missed and the animal ran off in a real clumsy like pattern across the paddock some 100 -150 metres before it disappeared. This place is 80 kms away from the nearest town Unicup and my uncles farm is 10 kms away where he also claimed to have a sighting  some 12 months ago.
Mark H.

Sunday September 19th 2010 My Tasmanian tiger research since 1998 has produced alot of unexpected and unexplained happenings over the years. I have met some unique people that are also on their thylacine journeys, had some facinating and frustrating sightings, developed some remarkable friendships and received support in my quest from many unimaginable sources. On this day I decided to take the families new Samoid dog on my regular 5km run near my home in South Kilsyth for a bit of exercise. The dog is only 3 months old so I thought it would be a good activity for both her and myself. We had received some very light showers overnight that formed into small puddles along our running trail and the dog was able to grab a drink at a number of spots along the course. About 2/3rds of the way around I saw a small puddle near a pedestrain grvel pathway that had recently been dug up due to the replacement of the water pipes in the area. I decided to stop to let the dog have a drink and right next to the puddle lying on the ground was a small plastic dog like figurine covered with dirt. As I looked I thought to myself that looks a bit like a thylacine in its shape. I bent over and picked it up and washed some of the dirt off it. Much to my amazement it was a thylacine figurine the type that used to be in the Kellogs weet bix and cornflakes packets back in the late 60's and 70's. The nose region of the plastic animal had been damaged slightly possibly due to machinary scooping it up from its dirty grave but it was definately a thylacine model. It was quite bizaar really and I looked up towards the sky to see if someone was looking down at me. How could this happen I asked myself this plastic model hasn't been around for nearly 40 years and I just happened to stumble upon one in allof the vastness of Australia I took the figurine home and placed it in my thylacine collection. Amazing!

Graham A. Had the following encounter on 24.Sept 2010 at night,whilst travelling South on the Moe - Willow Groove road near Tanjil South and Newborough. It was about 30 mins after sunset  I approached a bend in the road and my lights were on low beam so it was only a brief fleeting view. It seemed to be a light tan colour, though not easy to say with any certainty. The most noticable thing was the big head and long skinny tail. It ran with a loping gait across the road about 40 metres in front of the vehicle. Cant tell you much more than that, but it stuck in my mind. I know it wasn't a Fox. No houses nearby.

The terrain is undulating farmland with intermittent areas of native bush, and native bush on the roadsides. I did not see any stripes on the rump, but it was very brief and the lights were on low beam. I estimate it was the size of a Greyhound. I also noticed the photos of the dead roo with head or throat missing, which is apparently the MO of the Thylacine.
I live on a bush property in the Heyfield - Glenmaggie area.  I found a dead roo in the bush about a month ago with its throat ripped out and innards gone. No other apparent damage to the lower body. I didn't give it much thought at the time, just put it down to a dead roo that the foxes got to.

About 2 weeks ago, at my place, a friend and I heard a loud scream in the bush in the night. It was close by and sounded like a womans painful scream. I put this down to call of a Barking Owl at the time, which it may well have been, but this is also fits the decription of a Thylacine call does it not ?. After the sighting the other night, I started to put 2 and 2 together, and am increasingly of the opinion that Thylacines are about.

I have a theory that they may have always been in the high country north of here, and that with the proliferation of wild dogs in recent years, the Thylacines are perhaps being pushed out into the lower more open country, which could account for the increase in recent sightings.

Whatever the case, I know that when saw that animal the other night in my headlights, the first thing that came to mind was "Thylacine".
Cheers. Graham

Friday 1st October 2010 Callum M. had the following experience whilst driving near Clyde in Gippsland Victoria. I was heading towards Koowee Rup along the Freeway and I took the wrong turn off, this being Cardinia Rd. It was about 4pm in the afternoon and I travelled along this road not really knowing where I was heading and then I came to a dirt road (Wren Rd) and started to travel along that. It went for a few kilometres and there were sections of farm land and then sections of tea tree and native bush. As I drove along another car came the other way and as it passed there was a cloud of dust which I drove through. As it cleared I could see up a head, approximately 100 metres ahead of me an animal which was bounding across the gravel road from the right to the left. It wasn't running or trotting like a fox and it was golden brown in color, with the tail sticking straight out like a broom stick. I didn't notice any stripes on its rump because it was travelling pretty quick. When it left the roadway it did a couple of unusual hurdle jumps before it disappeared into the bush. I stopped the car near where it had crossed but could see no sign or trace of the animal. I thought to myself how strange and unusual the animal moved and my immediate thought was thylacine.
Callum M.

Sighting Reports From Doug At The Tassie Tiger Bar In Mole Creek Tasmania

Hi Murray,Thanks for your note.

We had a report of a very reliable sighting at the end of July this year. It was made by a Minister and his wife who were travelling back to their home in Launceston from visiting their daughter and her husband near Sheffield.

In an area where there has been several sightings over the last 25 years , the thylacine ran across in front of them, so close it was, that they thought they were going to hit it. Luckily or unluckily, the minister avoided it, they rang me the next day after checking on the internet for pictures and sent me a pic of what they saw. Yes it was definitely a tassie tiger, probably not fully grown as they said it was about 18 inches high, and they both definitely saw the stripes.

That makes 3 sightings reported to us this year. Pretty exciting stuff, I think.

Friday 29th October 2010 George from Loch Sport had the following encounter. It was around 9.30pm at night and I was at the back of my property near Seagull Drive. I had my spotlights with me and I shone them around to see what I could see when I surprisingly spotted a thylacine near the launch to the boat ramp. What amazed me was the shape of it. It's jaw was very powerful looking and very square shaped, It seemed to be fairly old looking and its fur was quite dark. I watched it for a minute or so and it didn't appear to be to fazed by my spotlight being on it. It stood there and sniffed the walking track afew times before it sauntered off out of sight. It's really got me going and I'm going to keep a camera handy from now on!
15th Nov 2010 Olivia S. sent me this report.  Having watched the news today I wish to add that about 4 years ago while leaving Loch Sport in the afternoon, near Charles Street, we noticed an animal cross the road from near the School on our right and it went into the grass on the left hand side.  It was not a dog or a fox, what drew our attention was it was brown but its tail had black stripes.  The whole scene only lasted a few seconds but it was seen by my husband and myself in the front seat and my daughter and her 2 friends in the back seat.  Since then we have carried our camera hoping to catch it again.On the same day, when we were mid-way through to the first turnoff, we could see what was like a flame on the road and thought there was a fire ahead of us or a flare.  It was like a spiral of fire.  As we kept driving towards it the "fire" vanished and we were amazed to see no trace of burn marks on the road, no embers nothing!  We were not alone in the car, the 5 of us all saw the same thing.I hope that someone can shed some light on both of the above.  We have mentioned this to many residents over the years and I am sure that many do not believe us.  We have no reason to make this up, it is the truth.

Hi Murray, this a description of an animal we encountered last night, Sunday 14th November 2010.

We had been camping at Bear Gully camping site (near Walkerville south, the inverloch side of wilsons promotory in cape liptrap.) we had plenty of food left over from the day and we were leaving the next day so we left food out for the wildlife about an hour before sunset. About twenty minutes later a dog was standing just off the road watching us. We thought it was from one of the other campers in the area but once it moved it was clear it wasn't. it had an unusually long body (but not extra long) and it had a face that looked like a fox but quite a bit broader. It was very unkept and very skinny. It watched us as it approached our food waste on one side of the camp site and I began to realise how peculiar it was. It has similar color to a fox but it looked like a cross breed of some kind. The neck was thicker the legs shorter and it seemed to use it's back legs in a way that I've seen gazelles, pushing off them with a sense of strenght in them. It got closer, there were odd markings on its back, it seemed to be mange at first but on closer look it was greyish colored and patchy. It did not seem to be afraid of us and came closer to us to where the food was. It picked up some ham and darted away. It did not make any noises in this time and it seemed very quick and stealthy. It came back back and we got about 2 meters from it with a fence between us. It showed little concern for us and in the end after close examination of it I decided it must be a hybrid dog of some kind.
I forgot to mention the tail was very long and hairless and had a crook in it as if it had been broke. Also there was a few other things that went missing from the camp, chocolate, some bread and, some neat holes in the rubbish bags, and the musleli bag was clawed open but nothing taken, we also found where some animal had also dug under our spare tent, but these could be other animals.It seemed too dog like to be a Tiger, yet upon reflection I thought it may be a tiger as I have no experience of them I could not say it was not one. I checked through the net and hence decided to send this to you. My summation of the animal is that it was a fox, greyhound, pit bul terriorl mix but what I though later as unusual is that these three breeds of dog could create something that looked very much like descriptions of Tassie Tigers.

My partner and my Mother were also at the site, we all took a close look at the animal and found it very unusual, neither of us thought to get the video.

Peter P

Phil R. was excited when he told me about his sighting that occurred on Thursday 25th November 2010 in Loch Sport. It was around 7.30pm in the evening and I was driving my car near the Minigolf area when I noticed a mob of Kangaroos (approximately 6) race across the road not far in front of me towards Lake Reeve. At the rear was this large dog like animal and it was chasing after the roos. Its tail was hanging down which I thought was unusual but it really had the kangaroos going at full pelt. I didn't stop because they all soon disappeared into the bush out of sight.


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