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Sightings 2011-14

Hi Murray. Last Sunday night (Nov. 23rd 2014)I had, what I now possibly consider to be a thylacine sighting.
The encounter was on Fultons Road between Baxter and Langwarrin - An animal ran across the road as I was driving, approximately 15-20 metres in front of my car.It was just after 8pm as the sun was setting. Me and my passenger laughed because we were unsure of what we had seen, but at the time described it like a small greyhound cross between a wallaby - but not either one. It was unusual and made us pause, being not quite like a dog as you would assume it to be, and definitely not a fox. I thought nothing of it until I mentioned it to my father who suggested maybe a tasmanian tiger?
It wasn't particularly big, perhaps in a pup stage maybe similar or just a bit bigger than a fox. But its tail was not bushy like a fox, but I think rather sharp and between its legs as it ran across the road and not a thought that entered my mind at the time - to notice any stripes. 
I thought I would share, even if it’s only a small instance!! Tawnee
16th November 2014 Kelly P. had the following encounter:-
Hi Murray
Driving to Healesville today with the family from Woori Yallock we sighted  what I now believe to be a Thylacine!!  I got a pretty good look and mainly  remember out loud saying what is that?? Its not a fox.....maybe a wild dog?? In  my head I was thinking it something different to both, and.....must remember to  google it when I get home.  This has led me to you.
Wasn’t close enough to see any stripes but the shape stands out and  especially the tail and the shape of its body and head as it bounded long and  lean across the road into scrub  My daughter (7) commented on its pointy  ears. 
Good luck with the search.  Very exciting and feel very lucky if it  was indeed a true sighting. 
I thought I could add more after watching some of your videos.   Although I am not completely convinced by your videos I still believe what I saw  today matches many of the thylacine features.  Long straight tail as it  bounded....fast....across the road in front of us.  Tight body that was  light brown/dirty tan in colour.  An odd shape body compared to most dogs  and the tail definitely long and thin...flying straight out behind as it ran low  and long with bounding strides.    A long but boxish type head  with pointy ears.  I could almost draw it for you it is so clear in my  head.  It really struck me as so unusual and made me curious enough to  google wild dogs in victoria to see if there was a particular species and what  they might look like.  When I saw the word thylacine....it was a match. All  the rest that followed confirmed for me.....only thing missing was stripes but  wasn’t close enough to see if there were any.  The time was between  1-1:30pm. 
Notice there has been one other sighting near Mt Toolebewong before.  
November 8th 2014 Michael F sent me details of a sighting that he had near Mill Park Victoria:-
Hey man me and my girlfriend on our way home believe we just saw a tasmanian tiger, we were driving down a road in suburban/outback Melbourne (Mill Park) when my girlfriend saw something up ahead at first from distance it looked like a cat then closer it looked larger and longer and that was massively long, I flashed my high beams and slowed down and like a goldish brown like colored tiger peered at my car for a split moment and ran off into the park crossing the road.
This occurred at 3.15AM.
So shocked I actually saw one. Michael F.
October 13th 2014 Travis C sent me the following report:- I believe I just sighted a thylacine. I was driving down Korumburra Inverloch road towards Inverloch at 14:30pm , where I saw a large animal, orange in colour, about twice the size and much stockier than a fox crossed the road road about 200 meters in front of my car. It crossed from the left hand side of the road to the right.
I have read through your sightings and previously checked a lot of thylacine pictures about 12 months ago when a friend thought he'd seen one. I cannot offer any other conclusion as to what the animal might have been.
My name is Peter W. and I had a sighting of an animal that made me question myself on what was it that I saw, and to me it looked like it had the body shape of what I understand to be a Tassie tiger.
Have there been any Tasmanian Tiger sightings in the Barwon heads area in Victoria?
I will try and describe the sighting The time was about 1:30am 13th September 2014. on the road between Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and just out of the car head lights a figure of a dog like creature (too big for a cat) ran across the road, at no stage was it in the car lights, so I can’t give any colour or if there were any stripes.
Why it made me feel that this was not a normal dog running across the road was way the back two legs where kind of skipping out of sync with front legs, the head was a unusual shape for a dog, very triangular.>
The area is rural coastal with tea trees and normal amount of houses for a road between two small towns. It was most likely a dog but.
Monday 16th December 2013 finally brought me some joy as it has been the first sighting of a thylacine at Loch Sport for 3 years. Jeff C. tells the story.
It was around 2pm in the afternoon and I was heading down to the tip to off load some rubbish. As I entered into the tip area and was travelling along the road this dog like animal appeared along one of the tracks. It looked very motley and mangie but it was golden almost dirty brown in color. It also appeared very skinny and I first thought that it was just a strange dog but I soon realised that what I was looking at was a thylacine. I've lived down here since 1972 and have often heard of other sightings but never had my own up until now! It trotted off along one of the sandy loam tracks and I later got out of the car to look at the footprints but they weren't really clear in the sand. After trotting down the track it then disappeared into the vegetation. I was really quite surprised as there is alot of noise going on at present with the excavation along the roadway for the sewerage connection so I didn't expect to see one around here at all!
Jeff C. 
Mid November 2013 in Loch Sport Elaine T. had the following experience I was out walking my small dog at around 4.30 - 5.00pm near the shore of Lake Victoria. There was a hill behind me with a vacant paddock and with trees and scrub on the far side. From 20 metres away I saw this animal trott out of the scrub on one side of the block and it ran across the block in full view and then it disappeared into the scrub on the far side. I didn't know what it was at first but I soon realised that I was looking at a Tasmanian Tiger. It was a largish animal and it had a very thick set head. It was golden brown in color and I could see the stripes as plain as day and the tail was out horizontal behind it and it was stretched out almost like a broom stick and it had stripes along it as well. I couldn't believe it. I expected to hear it crashing through the bush on the othere side of the block but it was all silent. This was my third sighting. I saw a young one a couple of years ago whilst I was looking out of my kitchen window in the block next door to my house but this was such a magnificent animal to look at and it really took my breath away!
Elaine T.
Hi mate I just stumbled across your website this morning and I noticed your interest of tassie tiger sightings, I'm from the central wheatbelt in Western Australia and I believe what I saw during harvest last year was a tassie tiger after the sighting I wrote down all the details after it happened.
As follows
3rd of December 2013 about 2.45 pm location was the south eastern corner of the narambeen shire on Anderson Rocks road just before Sedgewick road. I was driving down the road transporting a harvester from Ardath to East Hyden. Seconds after I had passed a shire grader I saw a large "cat like" creature dash out onto the road. The animal was sandy brown in colour and had a masculine body and stood around a meter in height. The most distinctive thing about it was the long tail which almost dragged along the ground. It moved quite quickly across the road an ran like a lion. I stopped an looked into the bush but it was long gone. After  I continued along the road I passed another grader driver before I turned onto Sedgewick road.
Where I actually was wasn't all that far from where the farm land finishes and it turns to bush, you could see the bush line from a nearby hill as I continued. 
In the early 90's my dad saw one when they were driving through the reserve 50kms east of Perth, my mum was driving when it ran across the road and my dad got out and he followed it through the bush for nearly 20 minutes, he has written all about it.. They even sent it into a few magazines back then.
I have travelled most of Australia myself and I have seen a lot different animals in the wild and captivity but nothing like this, a thylacine is the closest thing I can match it to. In hindsight I should have got out and looked at the tracks on the sand but to be honest I was a bit shaken up by what I had seen I didn't know what to do! There is a lot of bush out there so who really knows what could be out there.
Mitchell H.
 On 10/11/2013 I received one of the most amazing stories from a girl by the name of Carly who along with her 2 sisters and their 3 children had what they believe to be a thylacine sighting in a reserve near the school that I had been teaching at for the past 30 years. Whilst I was somewhat skeptical about the incident I had also recieved a prior thylacine sighting report in the same vicinity some 8 years earlier. Here's their story:-
Hi Murray.
My sisters and I were at the Durham Rd Reserve in Kisyth yesterday (behind Pembroke Secondary College) with children and dogs in tow. Despite the badweather, we spent a good hour or so in the park.
During this time, one of my dogs (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) was displaying some very odd behaviour (for him at least).  He usually stays very close to me and never wanders far.Yesterday he spent much of the time (off lead) wandering around with his nose to the ground in amongst the long grass and shrubs. He looked quite, well, anxious and out of sorts. He definitely appeared to be looking for something.
His behaviour, was about to be explained (in my opinion) ...
When we were leaving the park, heading towards the oval at the back of the school, one of the dogs gave chase to 'something'.  The 'something' was heading towards the duck pond in amongst long grass.  When the dog got close, the 'something' turned back from where it had just come and took off, not at great speed and an odd awkward gait, towards the rear of some houses. The dog kept chasing despite us calling her back. During this time, we got a pretty good look at the 'something'.
I'm very familiar with dogs, foxes and cats.  The 'something' looked nothing like any of these.  One of my sisters immediately thought it was a Tasmanian Tiger and even said "that's the weirdest Tasmanian Tiger that I've ever seen!", but I discounted this given they have been extinct for some time. But now I'm not quite sure. If it was a fox, it was the strangest one I've ever seen and must be a hybrid of some sort (I'm not even sure if that's possible).  It was tan in colour but had quite bit of grey colouring around a kind of mottled tan/grey.  I can say that I really noticed it's a heavy head and blunt kind of snout as that was what I was mainly focused upon. It really reminded me of a Hyena actually. My sister and her daughter said that they could see the stripes on its rump! Anyway, the dog chased it into a nearby street before finally returning to us. 
I thought this was a bit unusual if it was a fox.  I would have thought a fox would scale a fence or nearby tree if being chased. The 'something' did not. Well, that's our tale.  I'm not sure what it means, but when 'googling' to try and work out what we saw, I came across your website and thought it worth mentioning.
Good luck with your Tasmanian Tiger quest!!!
Kind Regards,
Thylacine sightings have been recorded in the nearby Dandenong Ranges and there are a number of vegetation pipelines leading towards this reserve and it is quite plausible that a thylacine could in the middle of the night venture down one of these tracts into suburbia. I met with Carly a few weeks later and she brought her dogs to the reserve. Unfortunately in the half hour that we walked the reserve the dogs could not detect anything to match the details of the sighting report and we left empty handed.
Hi Murray,
December 2012 I was travelling home from my kids school xmas party along a dirt road that runs alongside Lake Kerferd near Beechworth in North East Victoria. My wife and kids and I had taken separate cars as I came straight from work. It was about 7.30pm and still light. As I slowly cruised home enjoying the fresh air and balmy evening I saw a movement in the bush to my left. I was only doing about 40 kilometres per hour and thought it was just another roo.
Suddenly a creature plainly visible entered the road about 25 metres in front of my vehicle. It turned to look at me and then continued across the road towards an open farm gate and with a rather unusual gait went up a track towards an area of native bush. Immediately I knew what it was. A Thylacine. No doubt. I watched this creature from directly behind for at least 30 seconds as it disappeared up the track and into the scrub at the top of the hill. It had the stripes, was a sandy colour, and had a stiff tapering tail. The head was boxy looking with ears more cat like than dog like. I have heard of other sightings over many years but was amazed when I saw this myself. I spend an enormous amount of time in the bush and have seen many different animals both native and feral. This was definitely none of those.
Back in 2006 I was travelling along McFeeters Road near the Woolshed Falls a few kms from Beechworth with a car load of Journo’s. We were doing a story of the discovery of the forge where Ned Kelly’s mate Joe Byrnes armour was made.
As we were coming along a straight stretch of road we all saw a strange cat like creature feeding on a carcass about 100 metres in front of us. The driver gunned it but the animal took off. It was very similar to the description of a Thylacine but as we were a little way off I cannot be sure.
The latest sighting was the evening of Friday October 18 2013. My parents, have a small caravan at Everton not far from Beechworth and were returning along to the van after spending some time at our home.
They both saw a light coloured animal with a stiff tail and largish head and stripes mainly on its rear come from the adjacent farmland, cross the road, and disappear into the scrub on the other side. I asked them to describe it in detail and it also fits the description of a Thylacine. In this area are tiger quolls, bandicoots and lots of other creatures but this was unlike any of those. I showed them a picture of a Thylacine on google and they immediately said That’s it!
I have a number of friends who work in the bush that have had sightings of similar description and all believe they have seen a Thylacine.
Darren S.
Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 8.15pm Clive H. was driving along Barbers Rd near the Silvan Reservoir in Kalorama Victoria when he had the following encounter. "We were travelling home and had reached an area near Doughty's Rd approximately 1.5 km's away from our home. My wife was in the car driving and the area has been renown for Lyrebirds and echidna's and I saw this animal briefly on the side of the road ahead. It was about the size of a medium sized dog and when it turned I could see the stripes on its rump and a rigid tail behind. 
My wife who was driving at the time really didn't get much of a view but I alerted her to the fact that I had definately seen a Tasmanian Tiger. I was quite surprised really as I never thought that there could be any in our area despite the sightings of many other native species!" 
Clive H. 
Hi Murray,
My name is Tracey M. and after reading the front page of my local newspaper I thought you might be interested in our sighting of what I now believe is a Tassie Tiger.
On Monday 12th August my climber Dave C. and I were driving up Belgrave-Ferny Creek Rd in Ferny Creek towards the Tourist Rd to do a tree removal quote. It was just after lunch and raining just slightly, we were driving quite slow as the road was wet and slippery.
A med/small dog sized animal crossed the road right in front of us heading into the forest. It was a dingo colour being golden brown with light greyish stripes on its rear, we didn't know if it was a male or female. It was about the size of a fox and don't know how old, didn't look really old.
As we were driving up Belgrave Ferny Creek Rd it came out from the left side (bushes and trees and private property) and ran straight across the road into Sherbrooke Forest on the right, we were up the top past Sandells Rd it was about 15 mtrs in front of us.
Dave said " What the f was that?"  I said don't know it looked like a cat dog and we wondered what we just saw.  Dave said it had stripes on its back part of its body, but I was more focussed on how strangely it crossed the road, not like a dog or cat would run, and its tail was like my siamese cats tail, but its head looked like a dogs head. I later googled Tassie Tigers and sent a picture to Dave via face book and asked him "Is that what you saw" he said Yes that's it. I agreed that that's what I saw too. I was going to go back there the next day with my dog but never got the time to.
Tracey M.
Hi Murray,
Last Wednesday, 10th July 2013, at approximately 4:30pm my friend was driving down from Mt. Toolebewong towards Healsville in Victoria when he believed he spotted a tiger run across the road ahead of him.
He describes it as a dog- like creature in appearance with a long, straight tail, larger than a fox and different to any dog he'd seen. His initial reaction to the sighting was "holy shit it's a Tiger"
Not sure if any other sightings have occurred recently around the area but we would love to know.
Matt and Francis
Claudia. G reported this sighting from Queensland 17/2/12
Hello, I thought I'd email you with this bizarre sighting I had about 4 weeks ago. When I think about it I don't think it was anything near a Tassie Tiger, more so because I saw it in Mareeba, an hour west of Cairns QLD! I was visiting a friend (I'm from Sydney) who lives in Mareeba and one evening at about 8pm I was driving back from Mareeba to Cairns when I spotted about 20m ahead on my left what looked like a tan coloured dog, very dingo like on first impressions. As I got closer and passed it, what caught my attention more than anything was that its head looked like a hyena and it stared at the car like it was curious. All I could really see was its head as it appeared to be sitting down and there was some grassland covering the body. So I thought nothing of it at the time but it did strike me that it was there are there are no houses nearby. It was odd how it was just sitting there watching cars go by. The next day I went up again and again, on my return, there it was at about the same time but this time on the other side of the road. This time I really took notice of it but again it was concealed by shrubs but it was standing up. I could best describe it as a tan colour, almost like a rhodesian ridgeback dog but smaller and leaner with a fat head. Again it stared as the car went by. I suppose at the time I didn't think much of it but looking back now who knows. There are no dingo colonies in the area that people know of, at best it's a stray dog. It just seemed very curious and like it knew what it was doing, not like a stray which would just wander about and dodge cars. I did see a post though of a man that claims he spotted one twice in the Minto area of NSW!! That's only about 15 minutes from where I live. I might start my own investigations there and see what I find. If I do, will let you know!
Hi Murray Last night I only looked at the latest sightings on your site, and today I looked at the 2009 to 2010 ones, and was thrilled to find that there was one in the Clyde area, because that's the area my daughter and I saw something yesterday, which confirms it to me. This is what happened: It was 6.50 pm (March 31st) and still light. We were driving, and saw up ahead an animal crossing the road. From a distance it didn't look like a fox, but my first thought was that maybe it was a fox, just because of the size I guess, not the shape. Getting closer we saw it as it just came onto the side of the road and it looked at us before walking off into scrub. My daughter was with me and we both said 'What's that?". It looked to me like a cat but longer in the body and taller. My daughter said it had a pointy snout, and she remembers the tail being straight. I immediately said 'big cat' meaning the ones rumoured to have been left by American soldiers during WW2, seen around Central Victoria, but my daughter said 'thylacine'/Tasmanian tiger. I thought no to that idea because I didnt realize there had been any seen in Victoria, and also because she said they're 'extinct'. I didn’t know anything about them and didn't have a mental picture of what they looked like. We turned around and drove back to see if we could see it again but no sign. I think where it went down a path through some scrub there was a farm house there. I thought (not seriously) of going in and asking/telling the people in the house about it. I thought it was strange that there could be such an animal around near houses and there being no talk (as far as I knew) of there being any 'big cats' or Tasmanian Tigers in the area. When we got home we googled it and looked at images. There were a couple of photos of thylacines which looked just like what we saw. When I say 'catlike face' I mean from front view, mainly the eyes in some of the photos, although I can see that from some views they look more like kangaroo faces. I can honestly say I didn't see stripes, but my daughter thought it could have had faint ones. Also, it wasn't very big, but still, definitely not a cat or dog or fox or any common familiar animal. It wasn't golden or ginger in color like in the colored images I've now seen. To me it looked greyish brown. Still, it resembles the images I've now seen. After today reading on your site of another person seeing such an animal in the Clyde area I feel that now there's no doubt something's going on!
Saturday 15/1/2011
Dean W. had the the following encounter approximately 1 km from Delray between Golden Beach and Seaspray in Gippsland.
I was driving along early in the morning around 4.30am and I was checking out the coastal fishing spots for an early morning fish. As I drove along I saw a large animal on the side of the road. It stood over 300mm high and was very long in the body. I really didn.t know what animal it was but it was dog shaped and the body was very long. I couldn't see any stripes at all because it was still dark and the sun hadn't come up. But it stood almost 10 metres away from the car before it disappeared into the bush. I thought to myself what a strange animal that was. It was only after I told a couple of my mates that they pointed out your contact Poster at the Service Station when I realised that I must have seen a Tasmanian Tiger. Dean W.
Thylacine Mural In a park Nicholson St Collingwood Victoria. It's surprising where thylacine images might turn up!
Gillian M told me about her 2 recent thylacine experiences that she had near the Bass Highway at Inverloch. The first sighting occurred on Wednesday the 29th of December 2010. I was driving along the Bass Highway from Wonthaggi at approximately 11.45pm at night and I had my daughter sitting in the front seat next to me. As we drove along we could see this dog like animal standing in the middle of the road eating what appeared to be possum road kill. As we got closer I was thinking to myself, fox no! Dog no! And my daughter even said that the animal looked like a fox/possum. It had longish legs and the coat shone a beautiful golden color in the headlights. Its body was very barrel like and it had cat like ears. I slowed the car down and we got within 10 metres of it. As we approached it looked up and then turned around. I didn't notice any stripes on its rump but it cantered or trotted off in a real unusual manner. It would have stood at the height of the car bumper bar and it looked like it was a pup somewhere in between 10 - 12 months old. The next morning I went back to check out the spot and to look for the possum remains but the remains had been cleaned up completely and the spot was difficult to find.
The second sighting occured on Saturday the 15th of January 2011 and once again it was late at night around 12.00am my sister was in the passenger seat next to me and my daughter was this time asleep in the rear. We were driving back from a night theatre session at Leongatha and were heading towards Inverloch behind the lights of 2 other vehicles as we drove along we joked about seeing another Tasmanian Tiger as we had a few weeks earlier. Amazingly, soon after we drove along a stretch of road and saw this animal standing in grass on the left hand side. The grasses covered half of the body and the tail suck out at a 45o degree angle, it had cat like ears and both of us could see the stripes on its rump as plain as day. I ground the car to a halt before the animal looked at us and then went into tea tree scrub out of view. Both my sister and I thought that it was a pup 8 - 12 months old and I couldn't believe it when I had the second sighting in such a short space of time!
Gillian M.
13th July 2011
Ben G was driving along the Loch Sport Road at 5.30am in the morning when he had the following experience. I was approximately 5 kilometres out of Loch Sport when in my car headlights I saw a dog like creature which looked somewhat like a whippet.
I have never seen anything like it in the bush. It moved cat like, but had the size and build of a small greyhound about 50cm at the shoulder. Body was a little elongated almost stretched. Its eyes looked too large for its head which was also long.It was a beach sand colour, and may have been a young animal, it was not in a hurry, just took 2-3 steps and was back in the scrub.
Only got a 2 or 3 sec look at it going into the bush from about 30m. It appeared to be moving slowly and its large yellow eyes really stood out. I thought that’s not a fox or cat having shot a few at night, and my son who’s eyes are a bit younger felt sure it was a thylacine.
Ben G.
Tuesday 9th August 2011
Norma B. Sent me a report of her son Edward’s Thylacine encounter. Edward was driving home from Ararat towards Crowlands, on the south side of the Wimmera River today at about 3pm. It was a sunny day here. There are sheep in paddocks on either side.
Anyway, Edward said that as he approached the bridge the animal crossed the road from left to right walking rather fast, not running and its tail horizontal to the ground and straight as a stick. The tail had stripes, about three of them, and weren’t very dark. The head of the animal was small in proportion to its body, very narrow. The legs were long for the body, too long for most dogs, as was the tail. The tail was like a cylinder about 3cms in diameter, 50-60cms long! The body, from nose to start of the tail was about 75cms long.
Having Googled the Tasmanian Tiger, the animal Edward saw was not too much unlike, but perhaps not many stripes on the body part. Also its legs seemed longer. The colour was dark beige/ light brown.
As we live in this area and have friends with Greyhounds and own dogs ourselves and see foxes at various times, Edward can tell you it was not a dog or a fox. Over the next few days we will ask the neighbours, mostly sheep farmers, if they have lost any sheep. We live not far from Langi Ghiran State park.
Thanks Norma
I couldn't help but include the following 2 belated sighting reports under the 2011/12 sightings section for everybody to read. They really are quite facinating and strengthens the possibility of having a substantial rediscovery of the thylacine taking place.
Hi Murray,
Two Amazing sightings both in Melbourne’s Outer Northern Suburb of Mernda about 10km apart as the crow flies.
Sorry I don’t remember the dates but the first sighting was late spring 2007 and the second sighting was also late spring in 2008.I had given up hope of finding out what the creature that I saw was, as it was quite unusual. I asked a few people who deal with Australian wildlife and they said it sounded like a thylacine but that was impossible because they are extinct is what I was told. I don’t think they believed me. I was looking on the internet and came across your site and you seemed to be enthusiastic about sightings people have had so I feel I can tell you what I saw and I hope my sighting helps you in your quest.
Sighting 1. Mid-afternoon around 3pm late spring 2007 (observed the animal for 12 minutes) From my kitchen window I could see in the paddock out back something thrashing around it was about 16 meters away. I thought it was a black cat and a ginger cat fighting so I ran to the back fence to break it up but as I got closer I saw an unusual animal instead. It was on a dirt mound rolling around on its back rubbing itself in the dust and enjoying the sunshine. I don’t know if it saw me or not but I was a maximum of only 4-5meters away from it and it didn’t seem to care. We were separated by a wooden fence. I ran to get my husband so he could see it too and we both climbed on the fence to get a better look. The animal was still rolling around on the dirt mound but you could clearly see its strips and stiff fat tail. My husband said straight away it looks like a Tassie Tiger and I was thinking the same thing. It was still rolling around from side to side slowly and casually and I remember it having quite fat paws and a long fattish tail similar in shape to a kangaroo or wallaby. It was pale ginger in colour a bit darker than a dingo and had prominent dark strips on its rump and up its back. It looked quite fat in the body and as it got to its feet I would say it was about the height of a Labrador dog but slightly longer and its stomach was not far from the ground and its legs seemed short for its size. I thought it looked pregnant. When it got to its feet we got a better look at its face its ears were pointy and its face had pointy features similar to a fox but from front on its face reminded me of a kangaroo face. This animal was not in any hurry and seemed to be very lazily sunning itself. It yawned several times and its mouth opened extremely wide like 180 degrees almost. It walked around pretty much on the spot and it kind of had a waddle to its walk. It swayed side to side when it walked and had its nose close to the ground most of the time. We both watched this animal for 12 minutes before it walked off into the long grass.
Sighting 2. Mid-afternoon 2:15pm Late Spring 2008 (observed the animal for 48 minutes).
This sighting was about 10km from my last sighting and I had my 2 children with me and one of their friends. I was driving on Bridge Inn Road and saw this familiar, unusual creature in a paddock just off from the side of the road. I immediately slowed down and backed up. It was the exact same creature I saw the previous year and this time I got to observe it for just under 50 minutes. It was easy to see as its light ginger coat showed up against the farmers green paddock and the grass was short. The animal was slowly walking nose to the ground around a large old gum tree. Once again it didn’t seem to know or care that I was there watching it. At a maximum I was 15 meters away to a minimum of 6 meters away. I sat in my car most of the time as I didn’t want to scare it off I just keep moving the car as it walked. It looked like a mixed up creature much like a platypus. It had a tail similar to a kangaroo the general body shape of a dog, pointy facial features like a fox, face shape like a roo, the colour of a dingo only a few shades darker and dark stripes like a tiger running from its tail to an inch or 2 from the scruff of its neck. I had plenty of time to watch and observe this animal. I never saw it run it was only walking slow and casual in an ambling type of walk almost slightly swaying side to side as it went. Most of the time its nose was close to the ground and it only lifted its head and stretched its thick neck when it was stopped. It seemed to also move its head from side to side like it was sniffing or picking up a scent. This one’s stomach was not low like the other but its legs also seemed a little on the short side for its size and length. When it walked its tail was quite stiff and hung straight back at about 135 degree angle. Its ears were pointy and tilted forward. I could clearly count 14 stripes there may have been a few more smaller ones. The stripes started at the base of the tail and got longer over its rump and shorter as you got closer to its neck they seemed to end ¾ of the way up its back. The strips were very prominent dark – black it was the feature that stood out most. In the time I observed this animal it covered about 500 meters walking parallel in the paddock to the road. It was in a paddock with several horses and it didn’t seem to care. It walked from one paddock on to a small dirt road then back into another paddock. It easily walked through the wire fencing with a slight hop. It eventually disappeared into long dried grass; it blended in with the dried grass background.
In both my sightings the animal seemed to be slightly stockier than most pictures I have since seen of a thylacine but identical in every other way.
Regards Michele
Tasmanian Tiger rears its head in Daisy Hill
by: Jess Bayfield, Albert and Logan News
From: Quest Newspapers
October 05, 2011 2:01AM
FIRST there was reports of a black panther at Eagleby, and now Daisy Hill residents Lisa and Sean Smith believe they have spotted the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. The world's last captive Tasmanian Tiger died in Hobart Zoo in 1936.
However, Mrs Smith said one could very well be living in the Daisy Hill Forest.``A few years ago we were standing in the back yard and we (husband Sean and father Barry) saw this fox-like creature staring at us,'' she said.
``Then we looked at it properly and it didn't look like a fox at all, it had a long thin whippy tail, stripes on its back and it was a lot bigger than a fox.
``A few years ago we were in Tasmania and saw this book (on Tasmanian Tigers), and thought it looked a lot like what we saw. We sight it every now and then and can hear it screaming and making noises at night.''
With their home backing on to the Kimberly Forest Park which connects to Daisy Hill Forest, Mrs Smith said there was definitely something interesting in there.
``I'm happy to think something like the Tasmanian Tiger defied the odds and survived. We're trying to take a photo for proof next time we see it, but sometimes we won't see it for a year, then it comes back.''
According to the Tasmanian Government's Department of Primary Industrys, Parks, Water and Environment, the thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), was the the world's largest marsupial carnivore and fossils and Aboriginal rock paintings showed that the thylacine once lived throughout Australia and New Guinea.
August 20th Loch Sport, Sally V was driving along the Loch Sport Main Road approximately 7 kms from town and came across a road kill Kangaroo in the middle of the roadway. The surprising thing she said was that it was missing its head. Unfortunately I didn't stop to take a photograph but straight away both my husband and I thought thylacine! Next time I'll make sure that I do get that photo and I'll keep a camera in the glove box.
Betty G. Whilst looking out of her kitchen window on the 14th Sepetember saw a strange looking animal trotting down the road way approximately 2 house blocks away in clear daylight and then watched it disappear into a vacant block of land filled with tea tree scrub. It was moving really strangely and it was darkish on its rump. The rest of the body was a tannish color she said.
On 21 Oct 2011, Col Prafulla K. was returning from Sydney with his family to Melbourne. At about 9.30 PM (Aus time), on the Hume Highway, while coming to Melbourne, approximately 40 to 50 KM short of Melbourne, I feel the location, where the Tasmanian tiger crossed the road, was between Broadford and Wallan we saw an animal crossing the Hume Highway from left to right, at about 50 to 60 yards in front of us. Initially I thought it to be a big stray dog commonly found in India. But my son said that, there are no stray dogs in Australia. The animal was slowly galloping. It had an abnormally elongated mouth. The tail was pretty thick at the starting then tapering down. I could see the vertical black stripes to the hind portion of the animal probably because the car was being driven on low beam. As an animal lover, I knew a little bit about the Tasmanian tiger. After reaching home we searched Google as to what we had seen. And I do not have any ambiguity in mind that it was a Tasmanian tiger. As far as the size of the animal is concerned; it was nearly of 2 feet in height at the shoulder and may be slightly less above the hind feet. The length was nearly 3 feet (or little less) from the head to the start of the tail. It seemed the animal was not well nourished and was probably weak. May be because of that it was galloping bit slowly. To my mind It was a full grown animal

Col Prafulla K.
Hi Murray,
I had an experience on Friday night 28.10.11 and am so excited about it that I had to report my sighting. I live in the township of Cockatoo, between Emerald and Gembrook, in the Dandenong Ranges.I have driven up and down Wellington Road countless times over the last 14 years and have often seen various animals on or at the side of the road, so seeing a roo or emu doesn't get me worked up.
I was driving towards Emerald at around midnight. It was raining so I drove at about 80km/hr instead of the 100km speed limit. I was near the Crystal Brook Park at Aura Vale Lake in Menzies Creek.
On my side of the road, in the shoulder of the road, I saw what I thought was a medium sized roo crouching with its nose against the ground. It wasn't until it lifted its head and trotted into the bush that I realised it was an animal I had never seen before.
It was the size of a large dog, (approximately the size of a German shepherd). The base of it's tail looked like the base of a tail on a roo, but the tail itself looked like the tail on a dog. When it lifted its head I noticed that the side profile looked very much the same as a dog. It had a strong rounded jaw and pointy ears. It was a lovely tan colour and looked to be in extremely good condition. Its movement was that of a dog and it disappeared into the bush as I got closer.
It didn't appear to be startled by my car, it simply went bush as my car neared. Because it was so late, it was raining and I was on my own, I couldn't stop for a better look but had the circumstances been different, I defenitely would have pulled over.
Over the last 14 years, I have heard of numerous sightings reported by locals near Emerald and quite a few through Menzies Creek, and although I have never dismissed them as being totally bogus I could never really have a definitive answer on whether or not the thylacine did still exist, let alone on the mainland.
I am amazed and feel honoured that I have had the opportunity to see this magnificent animal.
Murray, do not give up looking for the thylacine, it is alive and well and I can tell you that there is at least one in Menzies Creek Victoria
Regards, Ivanka
23rd November 2011,
Jim D.and his wife Gretchen had the following encounter at 7.00pm on the Macquarie Heads Road south of Strachan in Tasmania.
Two animals were sighted by my wife and myself. They separated and one ran off into the bush, the other ran at speed across the road approx 75 metres in front of our hire car. It was the size of a small dog but ran like a cat - the vision of a young cheetah comes to mind.Deep chest to small hindquarters and brightly striped body.Land speed was quite impressive and we only had about a 2 seconds viewing. Not enough time to realise the type of creature and get a camera.Weather was clear and dry - road conditions did not leave a print as it would be as I describe as "hard pan".
We would guess that they were young, perhaps a mated pair. But only a guess!
The exact GPS coordinates of the sighting are 42 deg 11 min 57,03 seconds South and 145 15 min, 50.92 East.This was the starting point on the East side of the road and the animal ran across to 42 d 15m 58.62 South and 145d 15mm 50.21 East on the West side of the road.
Best of luck in your future and good luck with the thylacine project - we can only hope that they survive, and that tigers will aso be saved as a species.
Very best regards
Jim D.
Another Historical Report from 2008 recently submitted.
Hi Murray,
My partner and I saw a Thylacine in February 2008, I still have dreams of it and the image of the animal is permanently etched into my memory. I'm writing this email as I have never been able to get the image out of my head and I saw a platypus in our dam today and I was searching where to report the sighting and came upon your website.
The frightening event took place at approximately 3am at Corrina near the ferry 'fatman' in Tasmania.
We were holidaying there with our two dogs and a Galah named Pirate. The Galah was outside in a large cocky cage next to the caravan door on a collapsible table. I awoke hearing the galah scream when I opened the door, the creature was standing on its back legs and would have stood about 1.2 metres, with what I would describe as it's arm in the cage. It was like it had a wrist holding the galah, eating its chest through the bars. I was surprised how it had what I can only describe as a movable/rotatable wrist almost like a cat.
Typically I did not reach for my camera but the cast iron frying pan and hit the creature over the head several times, the impact was so hard that the enamel from the frying pan came off. The way it grabbed the bird and held on was amazing even though I was bashing it over the head with a cast iron pan.
My partner was terrified by the noise and the sight of the creature and was paralyzed with fear. It took several hits to the head before it released the Galah, the creature then moved away about 4 metres and all I could see was a stripey ass and a mouth like a werewolf is the best way I can describe it, long and lots of teeth.
The mussel and teeth of this creature is like no other, the only way I can describe it is like in the movies when a man turns into a werewolf and the mussel stretches out real long and all that is visible is teeth. The stripes on the rear were extremely visible by the porch light.
The creature went into a crouching position with its back end raised and lunged towards me. I was also surprised how it raised it's back end and sort of stretched out its front legs and paws before it lunged at me. I slammed the caravan door with a thud from the creature. The noise this creature made was like the hounds of hell, I have never heard a noise quite like it, all I can say it was extremely frightening and put the fear of god into me.
I was quite hysterical and not thinking clearly and all I could say to the people whom woke up wondering what was happening is "it was a man eating kangaroo, a man eating kangaroo attacked my bird, a bloody man eating kangaroo with stripes on its ass and a mouth like a werewolf' It took us some time before we realised that what we saw was a Thylacine. We rushed our Galah to the nearest vet about 3 hours away, I couldn't put him down myself even though I have raised many rabbits, chickens etc for the table and butcher them myself, it was really quite sad as the whole way he was saying 'pirate good boy' and unfortunately he didn't make it, his intestines and liver were hanging out and the entire abdomen was missing.
There was not much damage to the cage at all, it was one of those square cocky cages with the strong bars, it's arm was through the bars and they were bent slightly. I think I got to it quite quickly and boy do they have thick skulls!
Needless to say we packed our van and got out of there as quick as possible. Our dogs 'two kelpies', were terrified of the creature also and ran up on the bed and hid and refused to come out when we were packing to leave, we literally had to pick them up and put them into the car. Hind sight is wonderful and I should have took a photo but I was concerned for my pet bird and we should have then looked for hair samples paw prints in the dirt etc, but the fear took over us unfortunately.
I can say with certainty it was like no other animal native or otherwise that I have ever seen and it was definitely NOT a Fox, I am convinced it was a Thylacine. The entire area was mostly Tea Tree and interspersed with a few old large gums. It was along the Pieman River. It is a very remote area.
Things that come to mind was there were no bird songs in the wilderness around us, we commented for a few days before the incident that it was eerily quiet in the bush and not a bird in sight? I don't know if that is relevant or not?
Yours Sincerely
Tony M. of Leumeah (Campbelltown, New South Wales) has had 2 sightings of thylacines over recent times.
I have sighted this creature on two occasions. I gave up smoking recently and took up walking. I live near George's River Reserve and walk the back streets near the farms of Minto Heights. The area is both flat land and gullies, I saw this tiger on flat land. The forest itself is thick and untouched, and it has a river running through it and would be approximately 30 kilometres inland from Sydney's south coast region. (lineal measurement).
On the 1/10/2011, at dusk, I walked along an asphalt road in the forest. The road is surrounded by forest on both sides and it’s a quiet place. I was surprised when from out of nowhere making no noise at all, comes a creature looking like a TasmanianTiger. It had short light brown coloured fur, but no stripes, its body was rather long, and it was about 60 cm tall. It had a very long curved tail and the creature moved very weird, it kind of wobbled and looked unsteady with no grace or co-ordination about its movement. The strange thing was that it didn’t look at me, and it made no noise at all. It was as if it didn't notice me.............. This animal looked like an older tiger. It ran from one side of the forest into the other side. This sighting would have been approximately 6 seconds.
On the 6/12/2011, I was walking down the Southern end of Georges River Reserve, at the Kentlyn end. As I walked into the forest, I saw what thought was a kangaroo lying down with its long curved tail in the air. When I moved closer (about 30 metres) I could see it was a similar creature that I had seen the first time but this time I got a much better look at it. It was laying in the afternoon sun about 5.00pm and it just got up and walked away slowly disappearing in to the bush. It did not hear me coming but I believed that it sensed my presence or smelt me! Once again the tiger didn’t look at me. It just got up and slowly walked away. I can swear that this was not a cat or a dog, it was like a Tasmanian Tiger without stripes ? This second sighting would have been about 5 seconds and the animal was certainly a younger-adult tiger.
Both animals went straight into the surrounding trees and low grass, I could have easily followed them. It wasn’t too thick for me to go into, but it was thick enough to lose sight of them.
I saw both animals in the very late afternoon, first sighting early springtime at dusk 5pm, second sighting summer time daylight savings, approx between 6 pm to 7 pm.

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