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Hello Murray, 

On Tuesday 8th Jan 2018  I was walking with a friend along a Yarra Valley aqueduct when we saw perhaps 10 to 15 metres away as we rounded a slight bend a creature which I knew I had see before at much closer range. It became aware of our presence and immediately did a left turn to head into thick bush. I recognised the characteristic shape of the head the distinctive tail and the high curve between the ribs and back legs.  Unlike the first occasion I saw one of these, this one appeared rather dark in colour, and I did not see the stripes that I saw the first time as it loped off the track. My Friend said, "what the hell is that," and I said it looks like a thylacine.  I sent her an actual photo from the Internet this morning, and she replied that that is what she believes she saw.

My first sighting was in 2004, between Fish Creek and Sandy Point, when an animal ran straight in front of my car, I had my headlights on as it was approaching dusk, and because of the wild animals that inhabit the area. At that time I had never seen anything like it before, but I got an extremely good look at it, and was very relieved that I didn't hit it (didn't miss it by much). When I got home to my sons home, I described to him what what I saw.

It was a dark sandy colour, the stripes were not as distinct as the pictures I have since seen but were what I would describe as fuzzy stripes, it had a long tapering unusually angled tail, and what I described as a tapering box like head and it loped in front of my car just in the same fashion as the sighting last Tuesday.  

My son went and fetched a can of beer, I think it was Cascade with an animal on it.  He said was it like this, and I replied, exactly like that,  no doubt about it.  He told me that many locals had reported to each other that they had sighted these creatures, from the Prom and down I think as far as around Foster.  I had heard of the Tassie Tiger, but never seen a image of one before. 

I thought of contacting the Local newspaper, but decided against it, as I would hate the info to get into the hands of people who might like to become famous by shooting one, just to prove they do exist.  I feel that they should be left alone.  This is why I am contacting you, as it seems you only want to get a photo of one, but I must say they seem very elusive to humans , and anxious to escape any contact, unlike a dog, which will be either interested or maybe confrontational with humans.  I can't tell you much more, but if you are interested, you  can reply,  and I will give you details of the place where we saw it.  Regards, Val.
Loch Sport Jan 3rd 2018
Hi Murray,
MY husband and I were staying in our holiday house in LOCH SPORT last week.  In the early hours of 3rd January, 2018 I  was wide awake when I heard barking not like a dog, but like a deep cough as it travelled from right to left in the coastal park opposite and Lake Reeve.  I checked the sound by putting thylacine bark in Google. On a site belonging to a group who are investigating thylacines in Tasmania I heard thylacine barking. It was exactly what I heard. 
On the morning of the 3rd January, 2018, neighbours Jack and his twin 14 year old boys went with me into the coastal park to look for foot prints. Just as we walked in we disturbed what I initially thought was a fox, but when it ran across the track about 3 metres in front my brain registered it hasn't got a bushy tail and it's a golden colour. I have decided it was a dingo?? 
There were many foot prints, dog, kangaroo, emu. However Aaron and I took a photo of a 5 toed front print and a back 4 toed foot print both left feet in the same photo.  I noticed there wasn't any right foot prints. I took one other of probably roo prints. Aaron and Josh took others and will forward their photos to me.
Many Regards
Rosemary H. 
Loch Sport Wednesday July 19th at 10.00am Jeff (a local) claims to have seen a thylacine crossing the road on the Causeway near the gas pipeline on his way to the 90 Mile Beach. As I rounded the bend on the causeway it was about 100metres in front of the car and crossing out of an animal trail on the right side of the road. As soon as it saw the car it raced back into the bush from where it had come from. 
It was greyish/beige in colour with blotches on its back. The tail was straight like a roos and it had a big pointed nose on its face. It was also about 22 inches high and long in the body as I drove past the spot I looked but I couldn't see anything in the bushes.
Tues Jan 3rd 2017 just on sunset Rick O. had the following encounter near Dutson Downs, Gippsland. I just want to let you know that I've seen a strange animal of some sort??? It didn't move like a dog, more like a big fox. It was bigger than a fox, but not red. More a greyish motley color and darker than a thylacine as I had seen a lighter version of one at the Dublin Museum. We had stopped to take a picture of the sunset and when I looked across to the opposite paddock at Dutson Downs I saw its back running through the low weedy scrub. Its back was slightly higher than the grasses and the scrub that it was travelling through. I jumped the fence and started to chase it and although I couldn't get close enough to it, it kept running towards a dam located in the paddock.
I soon gave up the chase and it disappeared. I did take a photo with my camera phone but nothing can really be seen in the image.
Rick O.
Jan 4th 2017 Damien and his wife were awaken by unusual animal noises in Richmond Victoria. Here is his story:-
Hi Murray,
Myself and my wife noticed a small dog-like creature outside the front of our house in the early hours of this morning. It was growling much like a Tasmanian Devil - which is what woke us up - as it was a sound we'd never heard before. At first we thought it was a fox, but the tail was definitely much longer and not bushy like that of a fox, and the animal was larger. The head was seemingly over-sized for it's body. It's hind-quarters were curved with it's hind-legs a little bent. It had quite a thin build also.
We'd estimate it was approximately 40cm in height, and 60 to 70cm from head to tail (as it was alongside the tyre of a vehicle in the street when first observed). We couldn't distinguish any stripes however as it was quite dark in the street. We observed the animal trot off southward a few houses away in the street where a cat was crouching near a drainage grate in the road. The animals appeared to have a a bit of a stand-off for a minute or so. The animal then crept closer to the cat before the cat decided to flee over the nearest fence. The animal did not chase the cat at that point, but then slowly ran off in a northerly direction down our street.
We are both sceptics when it comes to Tasmanian tiger sightings, but we both saw an animal we'd never seen in the area before, and making the most frightening, guttural type of sound we'd ever heard. As Richmond is a built-up area, we can only assume the animal may have made it's way down along the Yarra bushland area.
Best Regards,
Damien P.
10th December 2016
Hi Murray,
Not sure if this is of any interest but I thought id let you know what I saw this morning on the way to work.
I live in country VIC just out of a town called Poowong, I drive to Melbourne each day for work and leave home about 6am.
This morning while driving past a small nature reserve just out of town, normally there are small wallabies about but This morning I saw trotting along the road at first what I thought was a smallish dog with an unusual gait but as I got closer I saw it had an out of proportionately long tail then I thought, oh it’s a wallaby but walking on all fours and not heavy at the back like a wallaby walking that way would be ?, as I got even closer it ran down the embankment into the long grass and out of sight, when it turned the closest thing I’ve ever seen to describe the shape was a fosa that I have seen in a zoo in Amsterdam.
A couple of years ago in about the same spot I saw what I thought later must have been a mangy fox running up the embankment but the tail once again was unusually out of proportion.
I could not see details like stripes as it was early morning and it was a silhouette.
Anyway that’s about it, If its any interest or not I don’t know but I thought Id share.
Matthew C.
Hi Murray,
There has been a lot of publicity recently in S.A regarding a shaky, grainy, video shot in the Adelaide Hills - allegedly of a Tassie Tiger. It is completely non conclusive and at best could be of any number of animals.
Another recent sighting (2016) however has been totally overshadowed by this video, also in the Adelaide Hills near the town of Inglewood, which is close to a reservoir and lots of native vegetation.
A woman on her way to work early one morning said she saw an animal cross the road in front of her, and had to brake hard to avoid hitting it, she thought she saw a Thylacine, she felt strongly about it and reported it on those grounds. Yes I know there are hundreds of sightings every year, and most can be taken with a grain of salt. There is a slight catch with this sighting though, it’s not the first near Inglewood. A husband and wife sighted (what they believed was a Thylacine) near Inglewood around 1971 (I think). It rated a small mention in the local paper, and was filed as such. The article can be found in the Tea Tree Gully Library. What it means I don’t know, but two sightings in the same area a long time apart is definitely interesting.
Gary P.
Sighting in Mclaren Vale SA
Hi Murray,
My husband and I were driving into Mclaren vale on Saturday evening (29th Oct) just as we entered the 60k zone an animal crossed the road in front of us about 50m away, it was 6pm and still daylight, and we both looked and said at the same time, 'that's not a fox that's a thylacine'! It was larger than a fox with a rigid tail, sticking straight out behind and angled down slightly, and was higher than a fox and a longer skinnier head ( I grew up on Yorke peninsula where we regularly went spotlighting for foxes as we were on a farm and they killed our lambs, so really familiar with foxes) as we went passed the place where it had crossed, my husband who was in the passenger seat looked into the vineyard where it was and noted the stripes on its rump across its back, we were so in shock that we didn't even think to grab our phones for a pic..??
Has there been any other sightings that you know of in this area (it was next door to Mclaren's on the Lake) and do they tend to remain in the same area?, I would assume they are territorial? We will be sure to keep an eye out as we live not far away!
Kind regards
Elle & Drew B.
Hi Murray,
Whilst driving home last night (Sat 16/07/16) from Meeniyan to Warragul, my wife and I saw what we think was a thylacine, crossing the road approx 10 kms out of Korumburra in the Strzeleckis. The conditions were excellent, just after midnight, clear skies and no other traffic at the time.
The markings, profile and gait were consistent with other sightings as reported on your website. it struck us as about the size of an Alsatian (we have an Irish Wolfhound so anything looks small compared to him) and the barred markings on the back were especially prominent in the full beam. I estimate it appeared 20-30 yards in front of us. It didn't pause on the road and simply bounded into the bush on the left side of the road, heading in a southerly direction. It did occur to us that travelling at 80km/h, 5 seconds earlier and it's likely we would have hit it. A lucky miss for all concerned.
Best wishes.
Jamie E.
Another one for the logbook and very exciting to have had the privilege of seeing such a creature.
Reedy Creek In Queensland might be harbouring a thylacine or 2 according to this report:-
Hi Murray,
I work as a subcontractor and I'd just finished a job right out the back off Reedy Creek in Queensland about 4 months ago and I pulled up along the side of the road to take a phone call. During the call I happened to glance over to the opposite side of road and I saw a strange animal near the fence line in the distance.
Itwas there oblivious of my presence In stalk mode completely fixed on something it was hunting or watching , I watched it creeping up on whatever it was after for about 10sec and a car drove up the street behind me and startled it and it ran off and I had to drive off as I was partly blocking the road !!!! Very strange looking creature ! It didnt look that well fed but the size of its rear legs and long roo looking tail it would of been more at home standing like a roo ?? Basically it looked like a kangaroo with slight dingo features sort of like a fox/cat/dingo/kangaroo/wallabie all morphed together its pretty obvious its not a dog so in your opinion do you think I have some pretty special photos ? Let me know what you think
Hi Murray,
I just heard an interview with Col Baily on the ABC and it lead me to finally find a site where I could log my Thylacine sighting without feeling like a fool. It was only 7 weeks ago. On April 12th 2016. My husband and I (tourists from Townsville) were driving from Lake Saint Clair to Derwent Bridge when I will swear one ran across the road in front of us. It looked a bit like a dog running across the road but I have never seen a dog run quite like that, head out, thick heavy straight tail out straight behind. It was about 50 to 70mts away from us and we didn't notice any stripes but the light was very dappled through there and it was about 3.30 to 3.45 in the afternoon. There was also a cyclist between us and the animal who may have seen it too.
My husband and I were both perplexed by what it was and both actually exclaimed "what was that?" We were getting quite close to the Derwent Bridge township so if anyone there owns a tan Rhodesian Ridgeback then my sighting might have been of it because what I saw had a large head like one of those. I would have loved to report this sooner but couldn't find a site that didn't insist I use Facebook and I choose not to use Facebook. I have wallabies in my back yard and see them daily and what I saw had a tail long and thick and straight like that and not thin like a dog. Please let me know if you have had other sighting in that area.
Yours faithfully
Sandy M.
Tasmanian Tiger sighted at Inverloch
ANOTHER Tasmanian tiger sighting has been reported in South Gippsland.
After Venus Bay Caravan Park owner Tony Holgate came across a tiger at the park in December, Barrie Murphy reported a sighting at Inverloch last Wednesday 18th May.
The Inverloch resident said he was positive he caught a glimpse of the nocturnal marsupial and added jokingly he had just one glass of wine for the whole night.
“Last Wednesday at about 10.30pm, I was driving along Ullathorne Road when it crossed the road in front of me,” he said. “First of all, I thought it was a fox or a cat, but as it moved off the bitumen on to the green verge, I realised it was dog sized, about the same as an Alsatian.”
Mr Murphy said as he got closer to the animal, its tail captured his attention. “It was the long, straight tail, which could have been a metre long. It was straight out, white and strong looking,” he said. Because he was in his car, Mr Murphy was unable to see the creature’s head, but he did recognise one of the Tasmanian tiger’s most distinctive traits.
“The thing that really made me twig was, as I drove past it, I saw the stripes down its side and onto its flank,” he said. “I thought to myself, I have seen something exceptional here, so I turned around and went back, but it had disappeared.”
Mr Murphy said in the past, he has heard two accounts of Tasmanian tiger sightings, both from reliable sources. “After seeing one myself, I thought I would report it so other people can keep a lookout,” he said.
According to the Australian Museum, the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, is a large carnivorous marsupial now believed to be extinct. It was sandy yellowish-brown to grey in colour and had 15 to 20 distinct dark stripes across its back from the shoulders to tail. Although the large head was dog or wolf-like, the tail was stiff and the legs were relatively short. Body hair was dense, short and soft.
Hi, i would just like to share with you my experience of a sighting of a Tasmanian tiger.
When: 10th March 2016 Where: Traralgon Time: roughly 9:00pm
It was late Thursday night roughly around 9pm, I was driving around in my hometown of Traralgon around the Traralgon railway reserve with my boyfriend when I saw something in the middle of the road from a distance, as we got closer it moved onto the side of the road, I asked "what is that?" He didn't bother to look and ignored my question, I got a glance of what I thought was a fox, but it was a strange looking fox. The next day I was telling my mum and I asked what do foxes actually look like? She began to explain so I decided to google it to get a clear description, as soon as I saw what a fox looked like straight away I knew that it wasn't fox. I began to explain to my mum that it was a dog like, looking animal, a dark brown colour with stripes down the back with a long skinny tail, that looked absolutely terrified. Mum jokingly said that could be a Tasmanian tiger. So I decided to again do my research on what one looked like. As soon as I saw the picture I had a flash back, the picture I had looked up was almost identical to what I saw that night on the side of the road.
Just some more information on the description and where I saw it,
Where I saw it there is a lot of farm land around, with a lot of sheep and cows. There is also the Traralgon railway reserve that has a lake with many ducks. That I'm not sure of but may attract it because of the food?
I believe it could of been an adult, it wasn't small, so I don't think it could of been young. I will attach a photo of a Tasmanian tiger around the same size as what I saw.
Hi My husband and I spend quite a bit of time in Walkerville , a small settlement on the South Gippsland coast ,on Waratah Bay ..an idyllic spot which is in the region of Wilsons Prom.,Venus bay, Tarwin Lower etc.. Walkerville is surrounded by the Cape Liptrap coastal park and Australian native animals can often be seen in their natural habitat...so,when out walking or driving we are on the alert for any animals we might come across.
What prompted me to make this report was reading the article by the owner of the Venus Bay caravan park who reported seeing a "thylacine" on the 4th January 2015....and I thought you might be interested to hear of our experience seeing as the sightings were close in time and relative distance.
Date Friday 29th January 2016, approximately 3.00pm daylight savings.
Weather conditions... Gloomy but visibility good,prelude to significant rainfalls in the area .
Place My husband and I were driving up the hill from Walkerville North caravan park kiosk which is on the shore of Waratah Bay,through the forest to Prom Views estate, a distance of 2 km winding road. We are very familiar with this short but very scenic and pretty route,and as before mentioned need to be wary of any wildlife(kangaroos, wallabies,wombats)which might come out onto road....when ,all of a sudden there appeared loping across the road and then down along the shallow ditch at the roadside a fox-like creature, dog-like ,very slight and streamlined,low to the ground smooth,sandy coat,thin pointed face,with a long thin tail that ended bluntly. There were stripes bands around down the tail. The creature remained within clear view(within 2 metres) long enough for my husband and I to remark on its peculiar appearance.
At first,it appeared as a fox but then we realized that its ears ,skin,tail were not that of a fox. Discussing the unusual tail and markings ,as it went out of sight.we actually said that it looked like a small tasmanian tiger...And then we agreed that how could that be .. were't they extinct? and we both struggled to come up with the more appropriate term of Thylacine. I was curious enough to google tasmanian tigers when we returned home and hence my report. I guess it does appear that there may be some tasmanian tiger-like creatures still around in the more remote areas of Victoria .
Maureen J.
G'day Murray,
It was around 11:30pm in early January 2016 when I was with my mum on our way back home in Junee, NSW we were nearing Kapooka 15km south of Wagga Wagga when I happened to catch something on the righthand side of the road at first I thought oh it's a Kangaroo but then as I noticed it was moved like a canine by the time it was in the middle of the road (about 20 meters away) I realised it had black stripes on its hindquarters and a straight tail like that of a Tasmanian Tigers. Then I noticed its head was built like a Brick several minutes passed by before ether one of us said something I just sat in the car seat motionless and speechless for about five minutes then I said "Was that a Tasmanian Tiger?"
The next day we returned to look for prints but couldn't find any unfortunately but did hear strange sounds almost like a baby crying but it was almost a husky sounding cry.
Hi Murray
Nice to talk with you yesterday.
Here are more details of my sighting approx. 9.30pm on 14th Dec. 2015
I was slowly cruising the Lilydale Lakeside housing estate searching for Christmas lights for the kids to view.  I was stopped at an intersection when I spotted what I am convinced was a thylacine.  At first I chuckled that it was the ugliest dog I had ever seen, so ugly that I just stared for a while as I took in all its features.  Then it dawned on me that it wasn’t an ugly dog it was a normal looking Thylacine. Oversized large square jaw, too large for its body which was as skinny as a whippet, rump was much lower than the top of it’s shoulders, with really lowset hocks, tail that stuck straight out pointed downwards. It wasn’t in a hurry but calmly walked out of view.
Do Tasmanian Tigers make a similar sound to Tasmanian devils when they are hunting?  In September 2015, I stepped outside about 11pm one night. There was a terrible noise coming from the “bush” next to my house in Lilydale.  I could hear the squealing of a rabbit or other small creature, obviously being attacked, but also there was a most terrible, loud and low growling sound, coming from the attacker.  I have never heard anything quite as scary as the growling sound, so I quickly checked on my pony and sheep who were alarmed but safe and I hurried back inside.  
Does anyone know what noise Tasmanian Tigers make?
My car was stationary, pointed north in a roundabout, That night there weren’t Xmas lights in the court, and remarkably no other traffic around, which is unusual as it’s 150 metres from best light display in town.  It was a moonless night and the streetlights showed the silhouette of a thylacine standing still and relaxed in the driveway.  It was too dark to see the animals colour, but I’m convinced the silhouette was unmistakable that of a thylacine, see description in earlier email.  Unthreatened the thylacine stood still for quite some time as I studied it’s features, after 7- 10 seconds,  it strolled towards the house and out of view behind a small fence.
Jenny M.
Approx location Bear Gully Rd, Tarwin Lower VIC 3956
What happened: 
We were camped at Bear Gully Campground in Cape Liptrap NP. When driving back to camp Sunday arvo (6.12.2015) on Bear Gully Road at approximately 2:45pm we came around a bend and spotted an animal standing on the left side of the road about 50m ahead of us. Initially we thought it was a fox as we were looking at it head on. But as we got closer and started to slow down it looked up from the road and my partner and I both said "that's not a fox". But it wasn't until it turned and we saw it side on that I realised it was not an animal I have ever seen before. I am 31 years old and have camped all around australia. I am very familiar with our native, feral and wild fauna and this was like nothing else I have seen. It had a boxy head with pointed ears, an elongated body that sloped down towards the hind quarters and the most distictive thin long straight tale with a white tip at the end. It turned and walked slowly if not awkwardly back into the dense scrub on the side of the road. WE must have been no less than 15m from it by then. I stopped the car where it had disapeared into the the bush but it was already gone. My German partner was asking what was that? I told her I thought maybe it was a Tasmanian Tiger this was the first thought that popped into my head when it turned to walk off the road. She shrugged it off as she knew that this was an extinct animal. However she had never seen an image of one. When we got back to a place with reception she started to google all possible animals, disregarded all of them and then finally looked up the Thylacine. Straight away she said "that is what we saw!"
As for the stripes, we didn't get a clear view. I'd best describe it as a mottly colour. Its size would be equivelant to a medium to large dog but a very different shape. 
I never really bought into the whole idea of the tiger being alive on the mainland but I am willing to say that I was completely wrong. There is no doubt in my mind as to what we saw. It's hard to describe how we feel right now. It's as if we've seen a ghost. But it gives us hope that maybe we haven't completely managed to wipe these guys out.
Just a thought. It was sunday afternoon and the camp site was virtually empty we did not see another car coming or going all afternoon. We imagine maybe this is a time they might come out after all the tourists have headed home after the weekend....
Drew & Barbel
Hi you might think I am crazy but this is serious me and my partner both just saw a Tasmanian tiger. It was about 11:30 pm tonight (Tues 11th September 2015). We walked out our driveway and our front yard faces a massive wetland area near the strezlecki ranges and Morwell river and what not.. But anyway it was chasing a car across the road then stopped and just stared at us before running back and hiding next to a wall in the shadow, before it ran back we got a very clear outline image of it, it was quite slender in the hind quarter and abit bigger built in the front, it had an enormously long skinny tail that had an s shape to it but didn't drag on the ground, the head of the creature wasn't your normal dog shaped head it appeared to have a rather angled straight top skull without a smaller muzzle it just tapered down, and the head was more of a triangle shape from the side, when it turned it's head and looked at us it's ears were very wide and went partly down the side of the head with a large distance between them, once it ran and I struggled to get my partners phone off her she was shit scared at this time, I got within 3 feet of it and it stood up into the phone light and I screamed at her come quick it's a Tasmanian tiger, it ran around the massive shed I was chasing it like I never ran before, my partner in pursuit after me, I lost it for a minute looking around saw it's eyes as I took of after it it bolted and somehow was on the other side of the wire fence we walked over and couldn't see it very clear it shut it's eyes. We couldn't see it so ran over to get a torch and searched the paddock but nothing could be seen.. I beleive myself it went back towards the strezlecki wetlands area...
If u need any more info email me please never in my life would I think this could happen... Matty
Things have been particularly quiet over the past 12 Months with only a few reports coming in along with a number of individual's in the community undermining my research and trying to steal the thunder. I have therefor adopted a different tactic and have chosen to limit some of the details surrounding the events and the locations of any future articles that I place on to this site. It is unfortunate but I need to do this to assure that I can monitor the animals in such a way that they are not disturbed or harmed by the intrusion of human activity. 
Here are a couple of photo's that you might like to look at from my cameras of the thylacines in pairs and with pups. The infra red flashes 'spook' the thylacines!
2 Adults with 3 pups in the foreground.

2 tigers eating at the pork fat on a tree 1 looking at the camera (the Flash) the other at the fat.

On Friday 17th July 2015 at 9pm near Glenfern Rd in Upwey Victoria Toni B and her husband drove in to their street when they had the following encounter. It came running up from the creek and stopped and we all just looked at each other, then it ran across the road in front of our vehicle towards a large tree stump with alot of foliage around it.  The animal  looked like an dog crossed with a cat body and it gave us a fright because we couldn't work out what it was. It was pretty big.....bigger than a fox and had faint stripes and a very long tail. No offence to the poor animal but it was ugly. 
We drove on past and as soon as we arrived home we googled images of thylacines and we both new exactly what we had seen. To me it would make sense for it to be living in the reserve, or on the banks of the road as it's near water and pretty quiet.  
Toni B.
"February 5th 2015 11.00pm it was a clear sky, with a full moon and I had a brand new street light placed outside my property near the road" says Barb from Loch Sport. It was almost lit up like daylight and I was letting the 2 dogs out for a walk in the front yard as they had become restless.  
I had a bird feeder in the corner of the block and the dogs headed towards it, but they soon came racing back and cowerred next to me on the veranda. It had been a hot day and I could smell this sewerage type of smell wafting in the air and I looked towards the street lamp where I saw an animal like a dog but not a dog and it was chubby in the body just outside the fence line.  
It had a long skinny snout, short stubby legs, long tail that stuck out straight from its bottom. It was sort of walking with its front legs and hopping uncoordinated with its back rear legs. I had heard its yapping/yipping noises earlier in the night for a while as it had walked off down the roadway. Now it was walking across the roadway and up into the vacant block opposite. It looked exactly like an animal that I had previously seen on October 28th 2010 and the yaps and yips were almost the same.

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